Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Round Up Saloon

Wanna Do A Line?

If you like to two-step, do-si-do, or boot-scoot ’til the cows come home, have we got the event for you. This Saturday, head to the Round-Up for the Line Dance Extravaganza. For three full hours, five local and guest instructors will lead the crowds through a whoppin’ 25 line dances. Learn some new steps, brush up on your skills, or […]

A Fond Farewell

If you’re a member of the LGBT community in Dallas, Michael Doughman impacted your life—whether you know it or not. For years, he shaped Dallas Pride into the massive celebration it’s become today, which is no small feat. He entertained us both in—and out—of drag. He was a friend to all and a cherished voice for justice and equality in […]

Beach, Please

If you’re staying in Dallas this weekend, let’s all put on our board shorts and Hawaiian shirts and party like we’re a bunch of gay Gidgets. (We’ll pause while some of you click to see who that is.) Sunday afternoon, the Round-Up Saloon celebrates the long holiday weekend with its annual Memorial Day Beach Party. DJ Charlie Phresh will be […]

One Hairy Competition

Ready to face a new kind of drag competition? Starting tomorrow night, the Round-Up presents a contest that celebrates scruff—a little or a lot. The Beard Down brings together queens who celebrate the feminine side of facial hair. That’s right, for the next six weeks, catch bearded ladies battling it out for a $1,000 grand prize. That can buy a […]

See How Thickette Is

Seeing a naked guy in person sure beats the heck out of seeing one online. The same thing goes for drag musical numbers: A queen who sings a song live will almost always be better than a lip-sync. That’s why we love Miss Big Thickette, the Turtle Creek Chorale drag pageant that’s been entertaining crowds for 30 years. It’s back […]

Magic Mic

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! Singers get the chance to shine this week as two separate competitions kick off in the gayborhood. First up is the premiere tonight of Saloon Star at the Round-Up. Auditions were held last Friday for a singing competition every Wednesday night for 12 weeks until the final round on July 10. So come in tonight and start looking for […]

Help This Lost Soul

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a rugby player’s basket? That’s pretty much the only way you can get us to watch any sport, but this Sunday the entire crowd at the Round-Up will be encouraged to basket-stare. Join the Lost Souls Rugby Team for their annual Bachelor Basket Auction, hosted by Sassy O’Hara. Bid on their goodies and help raise […]

Brunch Of The Week: Just The Tap

If you’re like us, many a Sunday brunch ends up with us twerking on the balcony at JR’s. Or stumbling around the dance floor at the Round-Up. So why not save a little money on Lyft and be able to bar-hop on foot after filling up on eggs and mimosas? That’s why the weekend brunch at Cedar Springs Tap House […]

Two Dollars Makes You Holler!

Yeeeeeeee-haaaaaw! When’s the last time you spent two bucks on something that made you that happy? Doesn’t matter because we know the next time giving up a couple dollars it will make you scream with joy. Tonight, for the 30th year in a row, it’s Rent-A-Cowboy night at the Round-Up. For a crispy two bucks or eight shiny quarters you can […]

Hung, By The Chimney

We used to think if we hung any undergarment on the mantle on Christmas Eve that Santa would fill it with goodies. So one year, we put our theory to the test. Wide-eyed and excited the next morning, we came downstairs and found our tube socks filled with all sorts of fruit and candy. Yippee! Our mother’s giant granny panties […]