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Rum, Rudolph, Rum!

Santa’s ready for a change. At least that’s what he indicated in a note he left us last year. Dear Ho Ho Homo, For the 13th time in a row, […]

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

If it’s one thing that immediately reminds us of the holiday season, it’s the smell of liquor on our grandmother’s breath. This year, however, we’re going to make sure that […]

Rum & Rummer

It’s no secret that we gays love our vodka. But in summertime, our minds turn to the tropics. Not only because we enjoy seeing half-naked guys scale palm trees to […]

Give 'Em The Bird

In everyday life, pigeons are supremely annoying. In everyday cocktails, they’re delicious. Introducing The Pink Pigeon, a nuanced new rum from the Republic of Mauritius, named after one of the […]

Hit The Flor!

Summer makes us want to drink cocktails adorned with umbrellas, colorful plastic swordfish or the phone number of a hot Nicaraguan bartender. So we thought this was the perfect opportunity […]