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Pinch Yourself, It’s True: Two Crazy, Fun Holiday Happenings

Only one more week. That’s it. Hang in there if you’re able. If you can make it until next Friday, you won’t have to deal with any more holiday posts for another 340 days or so. But there are two events this weekend that sound like a whole lot of fun in case you still need a shot in the […]

O Helly Night

You better watch out and we bet you’re gonna cry. Because Christmas is about to get a whole lot scary. Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano is decking the halls with blood, guts and various severed limbs. (These are a few of our favorite things!) So if you want to put the ho, ho, ho into horror this year, screaming […]

Grey Christmas

The thought of even driving by a mall this time of year gives us chills, let alone actually going through the nightmare of parking and fighting the crowds inside. That’s why we prefer to do most of our shopping online. Or at a quaint little store that allows us to bring our significant other on a leash while wearing nothing […]

Holiday Home Invader

If there are two things that always make us happy, it’s Santa Claus and scaring children. And now we’ve found a last-minute holiday surprise that combines both loves into one great gift. It’s called icaughtsanta.com. What a fun way to show your kids, nieces, nephews, simple-minded boyfriends or anyone really that Santa exists indeed. Snap a picture of the room […]