Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Savor Dallas

Get On Board The Chew Chew Train

We’ve been fasting all year in preparation for this. And by all year, we mean the past two hours. (We have no willpower.) Savor Dallas returns next weekend with a nonstop culinary journey through the menus of the best restaurants in DFW. The festivities kick off Thursday with ‘Cue It Up, a BBQ-themed event at Dallas Farmers Market. Friday, the […]

Take A Sip Of Dallas

The northern mockingbird is the Texas State Bird. Sugar cream pie is the State Pie of Indiana. And the hula is the State Dance of Hawaii. But what about our fair city of Dallas? We don’t care about our city’s bird, pie or dance, but when it comes to cocktails we are at full attention. That’s what’s at stake on Saturday, […]

Eat. Drink. Smile. Repeat.

If you’re one of those gays whose dinner consists of a tablespoon of quinoa and an Altoid for dessert, you can probably stop reading now. However, if you’re like us and indulging in fine food and wine is the second greatest pleasure you know, this story is of an urgent nature. Of course, we can’t imagine you don’t already know […]

More Is More

A lifestyle of complete and total excess is our ultimate goal. More of everything! But right now we’re only achieving that in underwear. And elbow wrinkles. Two weeks from tonight, however, we can start getting a taste for what our indulgent existence would be like with a (more) constant flow of wine and a never-ending array of fine foods. Yes, […]

Food Fetish

If you want one of those dainty queens who eats once every third Thursday and supplements his monthly caloric intake with the occasional Tic-Tac and vodka tonic, keep looking. We’re not that type of queen. We love to eat. We love to drink. We love to be big ol’ Marys. That’s why one of our favorite events of the year […]