Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


One Primo Happy Hour

We can hardly think of a single party for a 10-year-old we would ever want to attend. We barely wanted to go to our own when we chalked up our first decade on earth because most 10-year-olds are weirdos. Our tune has changed, however, thanks to a celebration for Ocean Prime Dallas, which has also turned 10. From now until […]

Get In Motion To Uptown’s Ocean

Spring and seafood go together like peanut butter and a shirtless male model holding a jar of it. Pure perfection. Seriously, though, there’s something about the warmer weather that turns our thoughts (and tastebuds) to the beautiful blue sea. Eating seafood always makes us feel like we’re on vacation, so we’re always on the hunt for fishy perfection. (Same goes […]

Brunch Of The Week: For Whom The Shell Tolls

If you love oysters, then you’re going to become infatuated with brunch at Hudson House. The new brunch menu debuted last Saturday and we were among the first people to take it for a spin. The seafood-centric angle of the restaurant makes itself known immediately when THE Royal Bloody¬†hits the table. Not only does it feature a well-balanced, just-spicy-enough housemade […]

Galveston Island: Eats

Some people take photos of their kids or loved ones to fondly remember a vacation. Us? We take pics of our food. Sad, but true. We can tell you about any meal we had on any vacation for the past ten years. It’s how we roll. So, of course, we have a few favorite places in Galveston to share with […]