Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sean Hayes

Put This In Your Netflix Q

The new James Bond movie comes out on October 8. But there’s a different group of spies coming out today (in all meanings of the phrase). Netflix’s continued push for queer content brings us a delightfully twisted new animated series, Q-Force. After coming out as gay, superspy Steve Maryweather (a.k.a. Agent Mary) gets pushed to a West Hollywood outpost of […]

Enjoy Some Coco With Friends

Even though the temperatures have been sweltering recently, this week things are on the cooler side—in the low 90s. Brrrrrr! So what better time to relax and enjoy some Coco? Better still, some Coco with friends? That’s right, this Wednesday, the hilarious Coco Peru presents a virtual event, Casa Coco, with special guests Sean Hayes and Bob the Drag Queen. […]

She’s So Unusual

In less than two weeks, Will & Grace ends. For a second time. And we’re actually really sad about it. The sitcom has been a nice source of familiarity, comfort and laugh-out-loud moments that we’ve really needed since certain things happened in November 2016. And how fun was last week’s I Love Lucy tribute? Soon, we’ll be relegated to re-watching […]

The Gayest Sunday Of The Year

There’s a little Broadway show called Hamilton that people are saying is better than CATS and Phantom of the Opera. How is that even possible? Well, whether you’ve seen the hip-hop wigs-and-tights musical in person or just caught clips on morning news shows or musical-obsessed friends’ social media feeds, chances are it’s going to make a big splash at this […]