Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Goof Wife

Every comedian who gets a sitcom hopes it’s going to become the next Seinfeld. But the odds are clearly stacked against that sort of international success. Things are just so much more niche now. And that’s perfectly okay. Because of smaller networks and online content providers, we get to experience shows that would never get the go-ahead at one of […]

Work, Cameron

If Seeso keeps producing great comedy content at this rate, we’re going to run out of hours in the day to watch TV between cocktails. The latest Seeso original is a comedy special starring the riotously hilarious lesbian comedian with the best haircut in history: Cameron Esposito. Titled Marriage Material, it was shot just days before she married fellow comic […]

One Bajillion Laughs

Much of reality TV is so over-the-top already that parody seems redundant. But in the right hands, comedies that make fun of these types of shows can be pure gold. Reno 911!, The Hotwives of Orlando and The Hotwives of Vegas are each prime examples of excellence in spoofing. Today, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ debuts on Seeso, the new comedy streaming […]