Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Loofah Those Low-Hangers

Whether you’re purchasing something for your father (or just your favorite Daddy), the gift of personal hygiene never goes out of style. And we’re talking really personal. Who among us hasn’t encountered a set of testes that tested the endurance for holding our breath? We know some guys like a musty man, but not us. We want everything below the […]

How To Hook Up In An Hour Or Less

Some movies were meant to be released on Hump Day. But we’ll forgive HBO’s Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age for coming out this Monday instead. The new documentary follows people aged 18 to 29 and their dating app exploits. From Tinder to Grindr and everything in between, dating apps have revolutionized hooking up and made sex an often-efficient transaction. […]

Historically Bootylicious

We just went through several weeks of home renovations. And during that time, we found a box of what we totally consider vintage pornography—our first Playgirl, Freshmen and a gay VHS(!) or 16. Well, label us completely out of touch because we just found some naughty, naughty pictures that are way more vintage than our the glossy, full-color spreads of our sexual discovery […]

How To Make Sweet, Sweet Love (Literally)

What if Willy Wonka wanted to wank his ween? He’d probably turn to Wicked. (And hopefully not an Oompa Loompa.) The sensual products company recently sent us Pride Month gift celebrating not only the diversity of human sexuality but a huge diversity of personal lubricants. In fact, the box featured so many lube samples, we thought our mom’s warnings against self-pleasure might […]

Naughty By Nature

Forgive us while we generalize the behavior of an entire population: Gay men using dating apps are really not on them for dating. Sure, we totally know people who’ve found their future husbands on Grindr and Scruff. But we know far more guys who simply turn to the location-based apps to hook up, get off and get on with their lives. […]

So Many Men, So Little Time

Would we make a movie about what 100 men would say about sex with us? Yes, but only if we got to select which hundred. But Paul Oremland‘s new film, 100 Men, is a little more candid than that. He tracks down some men from his most memorable sexual encounters and puts it all up there on the screen. It’s funny, cringe-worthy and […]

Doing It In Public

We love watching other people do it. Talk about sex, that is. And that’s exactly what TLC’s newest show, Sex in Public sets out to do in the sneakiest, most entertaining way possible. Now, this is nothing like the sex-in-public Tumblr feed you might be used to. Instead, host (and therapist) Jill Dictrow goes undercover to chat with people about […]

Juicy Details

The closest we’ve ever come to female orgasm is that time we still had on our red high heels. But it was really good, so we understand what all the fuss is about. When it comes to sex of any variety from the woman’s perspective, however, we consider our dear friend and gal about Dallas, Jenny Block, the premiere authority. […]

Dicks In A Box

The British are coming. In more ways than one. Yes, the provocative UK series Sex Box that premiered in 2013 has arrived in America. And we can’t wait. Every week, three couples bring their troubled relationships to TV in the hopes of getting expert analysis. The only catch? They have to boink in a soundproof box before they can chat […]

So Gay For Pay

Ah, we just love capitalism. If you ever needed proof that some people will do anything for money, look no further than the hot happenings over on the Broke Straight Boys web site. There, producers pay straight guys to have sex with other guys on video. And starting today, a behind-the-scenes reality series of the same name debuts on gay […]