Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sheraton Dallas

Ready For Black Tie?

We’re almost ready for the big night! Hard to believe, but the 35th Black Tie Dinner takes place this Saturday, October 1. Whether you’re picking up your tux from the cleaners or mastering your bow-tying technique, we know the excitement is building for this always-epic social event. We also know that not everybody has tickets. No problem! You can still […]

Sneaky Peeky!

A dog ate your tuxedo. The water heater broke. They removed the Coinstar machine from Kroger. There are thousands of legit excuses why you can’t make this year’s Black Tie Dinner. Or maybe you bought tickets and have already memorized the seating chart to count the steps from your table to the bar in the lobby. In either case, the […]

Sneaky, Sneaky

If you’ve been practicing tying a bow tie this week, then this weekend’s plans are likely already set. Because as you are probably aware, Saturday is Black Tie Dinner. Of course, that means the weekend officially kicks off with the 2014 B4 Black Preview Party on Friday night. And everyone’s welcome, whether you’re going to the formal Saturday dinner or […]