Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Skin Care

Armed For Winter

Crack is whack. Especially when one shows up on your hand. If you’re like us, every winter our hands become these dried-out appendages that are as frightful as the weather outside. Unless we perform a pre-emptive strike and keep them super-moisturized, we’re in major trouble. That’s where Gentlemen’s Tonic Moisturising Hand Balm comes to the rescue this year. Unlike some […]

Shea, Shantay

It puts the body butter on its skin. That’s what we now instruct all the guys we lock in our basement. Because if we’re gonna make a new dress out of human flesh, we not only want it to be smooth, we want it to smell fantastic! But all Silence of the Lambsing aside, even those without a penchant for […]

Puff, Daddy?

We were beginning to worry that we would never be able to fly commercial airlines again. Because even without a single piece of Samsonite, they were always trying to charge us for two oversized bags. The ones under our eyes. Yes, we’ve got baggage. And not the Jerry Springer kind, either. But we can’t help it. Late nights and lots […]

Shave & Shine!

Last time we went to a coffee shop wrapped in a towel, we were kindly asked to leave. (But we also got a cute guy’s phone number!) That’s what happens when we start getting ready for our day before our morning cappuccino. But now there’s a way to awaken our skin before we ever turn on the coffee grinder. Check […]

Pen Envy

When we die, our tombstone should read: “Here lies the ultimate spa treatment guinea pig. Wrinkle-free and more relaxed than ever.” That’s because we’ll try just about any crazy service that’s pitched to us, as long as there’s a promise of halting the aging process even for a moment. It’s no wonder Luxury on Lovers has us on speed dial […]

Boots For Your Face

Avoid the eyes! Avoid the eyes! That’s our frequent chant—to Old Man Winter. Because he’s really doing a number on our face these days, his cold drying breath bringing out the wrinkles around our eyes like they’re fissures in the ice on a frozen pond. And we won’t stand for it! So we’ve enlisted a powerful ally to combat the […]

To Prevent And Protect

We have a love/hate relationship with the sun. Love it because it nourishes everything it touches. Hate it because it makes us age, wrinkle and turn a strange shade of orange. Plus, we never want the nickname Oopma Loompa. Or Michael Kors. The solution? Find a great sunscreen that protects against sunburn and sun damage while providing moisturizing antioxidants for […]