Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Like What You CBD In The Mirror?

Growing up in the Nancy Reagan Just Say No era, we were scared of anything related to cannabis. After all, who wanted a fried egg for a brain? These days, not only have we learned to never listen to anything a Republican First Lady has to say, we’ve come around to understand and enjoy the benefits of all things marijuana, […]

Face The Holidays

We don’t show a lot of skin in winter because we’re so happy to be able to parade around in sweaters, jeans and warm winter coats. But our face is something that never gets a season to hibernate (unlike our lily white legs). So it always needs to be in tip-top shape. Back in September, we wrote about the Foreo […]

Pump It Big Time

If pressed to choose our favorite large organ on a man, we’d have to vote for the skin. After all, it covers the entire body so technically that particular answer encompasses all the other little bits and pieces we adore, too. (Kind of like being granted one wish and asking for three more wishes.) But keeping that organ in tip-top […]

Nifty Gritty

We’ve never experienced summertime sadness–except when we get a horrific sunburn. Luckily, that hasn’t happened in more than a decade thanks to our ritualistic use of SPF 54,000 sunscreen and the biggest umbrella at every beach, pool or backyard on the planet. The downside to such prolific sunscreen use is that gunky film that scrapes away like lizard scales after […]

Rubbing Your Face In It

The secrets to long-lasting youth (besides marrying rich) are working out, eating right and staying out of the sun. Or at least wearing a really good sunscreen. All the dermatologists, spa aestheticians and roadside lotion peddlers we’ve ever talked to disagree about the proper SPF for facial use, so it’s always hard to know what’s right. For us, we prefer […]

Love Your Handles

We used to think our tiny love handles were cute. So much so that we even named them to keep better track of them. But Belly Furtado and Tummy Faye Bakker started to gain weight. Yeah, not so cute anymore. So we went to the gym and feverishly did sit-ups and crunches. Sometimes twice, three times, even four times a […]

Pore Thing

For those of us with dashing good looks and little to no marketable talents, our faces are everything. They’re how we get seated at the best tables without reservations. They’re what we use to score free drinks in every gay bar on the planet. And they’re the reason Brad Pitt continues to send us threatening letters to “cease and desist […]

Flip Off The Sun

Tell that big yellow ball in the sky exactly who’s boss this summer. No more sun damage, and even more importantly, no more wrinkles from over-exposed, under-moisturized skin. Even when it’s cloudy, we’ve been told to always wear sunscreen, but there’s something about a blazing hot afternoon that really drives home the point. This spring and summer we’re adding a […]

Four On The Pore

We finally figured out why we love organic. Drop the “ic” and you’ve got one of our favorite words in the world. (Yes, we’ve long had a thing for church music.) But we also like the word organic because just about anything you put after it means you’re getting better quality. Take Organic Male OM4. Not only do we love […]

Gay Fellas In The Mist

The last time we had tea sprayed on our face, it was after telling a particularly racy joke about lesbian stilt walkers at a burrito cook-off. We made our friend laugh so hard he couldn’t keep his Tetley to himself. As refreshing as it was to have our head doused with ice-cold liquid, we seriously doubt if there were any […]