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Resolution Week: Sleeping Beauties

Getting a great night’s sleep isn’t just about your mattress. It’s also important to have something delightful on which to rest your head. And because Ricky Martin isn’t always available, we often turn to pillows. With custom-made pillows from The Pillow Bar, your sleep experience is about to be taken to a whole new level. Their pillows are designed to […]

Chill Out In Bed

While some things in the bedroom should be hot, your pillow isn’t one of them. We’re all bracing for Global Warming Summer From Hell 2012, so our attention is turning to anything that will help us keep our cool without racking up a $600 electric bill. We’ve always lamented about sleeping on a hot pillow. (It just feels gross.) And […]

Don’t Be Alarmed

Is there anything more annoying than that shrill squawk of a morning alarm? (Well, besides Michele Bachmann’s whiny voice.) After getting our nightly 11 hours of shut-eye, it’s imperative that we are awakened gently in order to keep our heart rate from elevating to the point that we get shock wrinkles around our eyes. Not a pretty thing. Back when […]