Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Deliver Us Some Evil

Drink, Drink & Be Merry. That’s our official holiday motto. But when we run out of booze, that sentiment can quickly devolve into Scream, Scream & Throw Empty Bottles at People. Definitely not our best trait. So it’s good to keep calm and know that another bottle of voddy is just a click or two away now that Dallas has […]

I/O, You

The fastest way to a gay boy’s heart is an easy-access input. And that’s exactly what makes these new jeans from I/O Denim so special. Featuring a dedicated pocket positioned mid-thigh for storage of any smartphone with a screen 4.8” or smaller (including iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5), these 100% cotton jeans eliminate the unflattering bulge that every guy […]