Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Puff. Puff. Stream.

If ever there were a time we need legal marijuana in Texas, it’s now. But somehow, we don’t think that technicality stops anyone from partaking. Whether you’re into smoking a little doobster, chowing down on a THC-infused cookie, or don’t ever touch the stuff and never will, we have some exciting news. Last May, we flew all the way to […]

Blu Christmas

Smoking is so sexy. There‚Äôs nothing quite like kissing a guy whose breath reminds us of the burned corpse of a chain-smoking cowboy who never showered. And when his clothes exude the gentle fragrance of rotten ash, we get a little nostalgic for our arsonist days and the distinct aroma that can only come from garbage set ablaze. But his […]