Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Your To-Go Go-To

Six months to the day. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve eaten at a restaurant. Indoors, anyway. Since March 16 and the kickoff of the Dallas lockdown, we’ve only eaten twice on restaurant patios and the rest has all been takeout. Or curbside grocery pickup. (If you get a big pile of origami from us for Christmas, it’s because […]

For The Love Of Binging

The only problem with binge-watching TV shows is that we tend to mindlessly eat while catching up on the shenanigans of our favorite zombie killers, lesbian inmates and cult escapees. Yet binge-eating no longer has to be bad—as long as we’ve got a bag of Live Love Pop. We’ve never been fans of “healthy” popcorn. Ever. But this brand has […]

A Mouthful Of Cookies

As we’re typing this, we have an entire dozen cookies in our mouth. And we still have room for a jawbreaker and a meatball. But we’re not about to mess with the flavor perfection that comes from a Microchip Cookie from JK Chocolate. We’ve eaten tiny cookies before, but these take the microscopic cake. The Original Chocolate Chip Microchip Cookies […]

Resolution Week: Snack Healthy

If there’s Cheetos dust on your fingers while you’re reading this, we really need to talk. Heck, even if you’ve got hummus clumps on your hands, we’ve got some good intel to share. Say hello to Graze, an online delivery service with more than 90 nutritious snack options. You can choose monthly or weekly delivery (depending on service availability in […]

Chips Off The Old Potato

Salty snacks. Where would the world be without these necessities of life? Then think how thin we’d be without these often fat-laden little treats. But now there’s a new way to make fresh, tasty chips from the fabulousness of your own microwave. With the Chips Maker Set from givesimple.com, it’s quick and easy to create chips from potatoes, sweet potatoes, […]