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It’s George’s World—But You Can Visit

Remember when social media was fun? We do. Then again, we also remember having to hook our computer up to a land-line phone to get on AOL. Well, a new celebrity platform has launched. Called TraceMe, the free app connects fans with celebs in the world of entertainment and sports. It’s all about positive interactions with like-minded people, so trolling […]

Snappy Dialogue

The Snapchat ghost is about to get a lot of company. Today, the social media app launches a new comedy series, Ghost Hunt, starring Matteo Lane (above). The comedian was featured (naked) on this year’s OUT100 list and this new show represents a prime example of Snapchat’s foray into original programming for mobile devices. The show’s even formatted vertically, for Pete’s sake. The […]

Follow This Guy On Instagram

Tired of Instagram feeds filled with poorly lit shots of people’s food? Or nonstop feeds of their children/cats/dogs/Vice Presidential running mates? Well, we have the cure.His name is Angelo Nairod and he’s an artist and photographer based in Italy. Yesterday, a friend turned us on to his Instagram, Facebook and Flickr accounts, raving about his work. And we completely agree. […]