Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Joy Of Socks

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gestures that make the biggest difference. Like a twink on Grindr telling us “You look great for being old.” Melts our heart every time. But the same small acts of kindness can be found in all parts of life. Take philanthropy for instance. A lot of people think being charitable is limited to wealthy people […]

Fashionably Great

Classics never go out of style. Which is why we drink far more Old Fashioneds than Frosés. The same thing goes doubly for menswear. Which is why we love Blade + Blue, a gay-owned clothing company that makes clothing right here in the United States. And it fits fantastically. We received a long-sleeve chambray shirt and it fit like it […]

Foot Fete

There’s a party in your shoes. Or at least there should be. Socks are big business these days and companies keep popping up with their own take on high-fashion foot coverings. But few brands are as fun as Happy Socks, a Swedish company launched in 2008, far ahead of the current trend of playful socks for men.The name Happy Socks […]

Same-Socks Equality

Land of the free. Home of brave fashion risk-takers. There’s a new accessory that celebrates everything we’ve achieved this year with flamboyant, rainbow-colored flair. In a pre-June 26, 2015 world, foot protection was defined strictly as “one left sock and one right sock.” But now with true equality the law of the land, we can proudly wear two right socks, […]

A New Fetish For Feet

Socks are socks are socks are socks. At least that’s what we used to think before we slipped on a pair of Bombas for the first time. Typically, after 30 minutes on the elliptical machine we get a sharp pain in the arches of our feet. Yesterday, however, we performed a full 90 minutes of cardio and didn’t have a […]

Best Feet Forward

We have a pretty serious footwear addiction. And according to the pedometer we borrowed from our mom, recovery is a 476,867-step program. But unlike our long list of vices, this is one craving that we don’t feel the need to tame. Our obsession with fine footwear isn’t hurting anyone except people who insist on wearing those hideous running shoes with […]

Knox Your Socks Off

The weather outside is frightful. At least from where we’re sitting. Unfortunately, that means we can’t do our normal daily barefoot 5K through the woods. (Just because we have French tips on our pedicure doesn’t mean we’re sitting around eating Chocolate Covered Pringles watching Judge Judy.) But we shall cope because surprisingly enough, occasionally we enjoy wearing clothes. Including socks. […]

Socks Addiction

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy ate roast beef. And this little piggy went to rehab for an uncontrollable foot fetish. Be honest. You’re that last little piggy, aren’t you? Well, prepare to relapse big time because we’re about to knock your socks off. Your boring black socks with the fancy gold toes. Meet the guys behind […]

Stick Your Toes In

There’s nothing terribly sexy about socks. And there’s something just plain disturbing about the term men’s hosiery. Yet every once in a while, we come across some socks that really, umm, knock off the ones we’re already wearing. From makers of some of the hottest underwear on the planet, 2(x)ist has launched a full line of whimsical dress socks. Made […]