Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sonoma County

Gay It Up In Sonoma County

Spontaneity is the key to a great life. (At least that’s the line we’ve been rehearsing in our heads for months.) But if you’re a get-up-and-go type of guy, we have a last-minute vacation that you simply shouldn’t overlook. Sonoma County’s Out in the Vineyard presents its annual Gay Wine Weekend July 18 to 21 with way more to do […]

Grape Gardens

Wine, women and song. We’re innately drawn to two of those three. (We’ll let you figure out which one we’re not.) But we can definitely clue you in that the winner in that trio: the glorious, luscious fermented juice of the grape. That’s why we’re smiling wide with purple teeth in anticipation of Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma County, the […]

Who Wants A Big Bottom?

When we get an e-mail with “Big Bottom” in the subject line, it’s guaranteed we’re going to pay attention. Even once we realized it wasn’t a romantic proposition, we remained intrigued. It was all part of a pitch from Big Bottom Market to feature their gourmet gift baskets in an upcoming story. Owned by Michael Volpatt, a gay man in […]