Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Southern Decadence

Pink Traveler: Live Large In NOLA

We’ve been accused of having low moral standards. Many times. But we’ll never be accused of low standards when it comes to hotel accommodations. As frequent visitors to New Orleans, we’ve experienced more than our fair share of cringe-worthy hotel rooms. Even at reputable brands. (We personally blame the phenomenon of eight people cramming into double rooms for bachelor/bachelorette party weekends, […]

Sexy. Shirtless. Southern. And Possibly Free.

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! After tonight, it’s back to being good, decent, innocent boys. So live it up while you can. While much of the world celebrates Mardi Gras today, we’re already looking ahead to the (better) gay version: Southern Decadence over Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans. We try to go at least every other year and 2017 marks our […]

One Heavenly Hotel

It’s almost Labor Day. And that means only one thing. You should be heading for New Orleans to celebrate the most debaucherous gay holiday of them all: Southern Decadence. But to balance out all the half-naked street parties, male strippers, porn stars, big appendage competitions, costume parades and non-stop drinking, it’s a great idea to stay someplace peaceful. Elegant. And […]

Deep Southern Comfort

This unbearable heat can mean only one thing – Southern Decadence in New Orleans, the best gay party anywhere, is just around the corner! This year, the Labor Day extravaganza celebrates turning 40, but there’s not a bit of gray around the edges here. Besides, where else can you sit at a bar with a beer in one hand, a […]