Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


They’ll Give You The Suits Off Their Backsides

Auctions bore us. Unless there’s stripping involved. Then we’re all eyes. And open wallets. This Sunday night, Dallas Woody’s own gay softball team, Sidebets, hosts their first-ever swimsuit auction. Hot guys will strut their sexy stuff (and latest seaside fashions) while you bid on the actual swimsuits they’re wearing that very moment. Hosted by Miss Anita Protest, the not-so-silent auction will […]

The 701 Club: Sinner, Skeeter & Speedo

Join me in contemplation as I lead you in my weekly ministry of all things current. Sinner: The Lord has laid a burden heavy on my heart. In this election year, Christians are faced with a presidential choice of biblical proportions. On the one hand, Donald Trump is claiming to be a Christian, yet has a history of adultery, cheating, […]