Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Steve Kemble

Booties, Legs, & Balls

Oh wait. We really need to update our vision prescription. That press release we received clearly says “Bootlegger’s Ball.” But we still like our version for a future party if anyone wants to produce it. Until then, put on your favorite flapper dress, gangster outfit, or Duff Beer mascot costume for this year’s Toast to Life: Bootlegger’s Ball. The 1920s-style […]

Pooches + Playboys x Parades + Picnics = Party

“Is Easter in Lee Park happening this year?” We get asked that question a lot. And strangely, it’s usually while sitting in the steam room, refilling our Sriracha jug at Sam’s Club or in line at the Coinstar before a Friday night out. We guess it’s because the event has been on-again/off-again for a few years with different locations, rules […]

Boogie Night

Calling all Bell Bottoms and Halter Tops! Disco days are here again when Resource Center and Purple Foundation present Toast To Life: Time to Boogie on Saturday, March 4. Now in its 19th year, the always-amazing fundraiser takes on the most glamorous trend of the 1970s with a night of eating, drinking and dancing in the million-lighted twinkle of spinning disco […]

Cinco De Gay-O

Pride Week is upon us. And that means numerous events filling up our calendars from now until next Sunday’s parade. But the celebrations don’t have to end with the final float traveling down Cedar Springs Road. Or the last sip of beer at the post-parade party in Lee Park. In fact, one of our favorite annual events takes place the […]

Dallas Weekend Guide: September 8-11

If you’re still in vacation mode after the long weekend and want to keep that free-spirited life alive, look no further. Here are five things to pass the time with laughter and song. Tonight-September 25 The Sum of Us What: A gay love story with a complicated twist. Photo by Michael McCray The Full Scoop: www.theatre3dallas.com Thursday to Saturday Fashion […]

Weir Here, Weir Queer

Nothing says spring quite like ice skating. But hey, we’re not complaining because this particular bit of athletic showmanship on frozen water is being executed flawlessly by none other than hot, talented, gay Olympian Johnny Weir. The flamboyant performer is in town this Sunday to close out the eighth annual Beauty Live event at Galleria Dallas where he’ll be joined […]

Where Poochy Meets Gucci

In fashion, one day you’re in. And the next day, you’re eating your own poop. That’s an absolute possibility during Project Ruffway, but hopefully all that kind of drama will happen off-stage. On April 2, the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Dallas is taking over the SPCA of Texas for a furry fashion show to raise money for the animal […]

A Land Full Of Wonder, Mystery & Danger!

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Case in point: Alice in Wonderland merely had a talking White Rabbit. Resource Center, however, has Lady Bunny. That’s a far, far, far crazier rabbit by any estimation. But the world of Alice is all part of the Mad Hatter’s Ball, the 18th Annual Toast To Life gala. Guests are encouraged to wear […]

A Perfect Tend

Ready for a night of squeezing, shaking and rimming? We know we always are. But tonight’s an epic opportunity to watch and learn from the pros. It’s all happening as the Round-Up hosts the annual Stoli Original Key West Cocktail Classic, North America’s only international LGBT bartending competition. Featuring a top-shelf batch of local bartenders competing for a chance to […]

No Small Feat

Few people on the planet can utter a single syllable and elicit the hearty, gut-busting laughter that Leslie Jordan can. But he’s got that power. The incredible storyteller and comedian returns to Dallas Thursday to help raise funds for Al McAffrey in his bid to become the next openly gay representative to the United States Congress. Celebrity co-hosts Ron Corning, […]