Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sue Ellen’s

The Old Switcheroo

Drag queens get a lot of press from us. (We love them!) But they’re also a big part of the programming at LGBTQ bars around town, so it’s as much a supply-demand thing as it is a personal obsession. However, things are a changin’ this week as the Caven Enterprises Benevolent Association (C.E.B.A.) presents its annual All-American King Pageant. The […]

Who’s Ready To Palooz?

We want to rock and roll all night. And party every day. And, well, rock and roll in the afternoon and party at night, too. Maybe we should just say we wanna rock, roll and party 24/7. So it’s a good thing that the annual Suesapalooza music festival returns to Sue Ellen’s this weekend. Pick up tickets from your favorite bartender […]

Age Is Just A (Dance) Number

We truly believe you’re only as old as you feel. Yet that still doesn’t mean you can be 50 and call yourself a twink on Grindr, no matter how many filters you have on your photo. Drag, however, knows no age limits. Good drag is good drag, funny is funny, and death drops add even more drama the closer a […]

Magic Mic

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! Singers get the chance to shine this week as two separate competitions kick off in the gayborhood. First up is the premiere tonight of Saloon Star at the Round-Up. Auditions were held last Friday for a singing competition every Wednesday night for 12 weeks until the final round on July 10. So come in tonight and start looking for […]

All Dressed Up & Four Places To Go

Happy Halloween!  Even though many of you have been celebrating since the morning after Labor Day, the official holiday has finally arrived once and for all. So, if you still haven’t scratched that scary itch (and no, not that scary itch), tonight you have one last opportunity to get some mileage out of that costume you spilled Fireball shots on Saturday […]

Bully For You

It’s no secret: We love dogs. (And not the Omarosa type.) So we always love attending pooch parties, especially the ones where pups can be adopted. This Sunday, No Borders Bulldog Rescue takes to the patio at Sue Ellen’s for Bulldogs and Brews. The festive event, as the title suggests, features doggies available for adoption, as well as beer (and other adult beverages). Live music […]

Pride Part Deux

We celebrated Dallas Pride so recently you can still find glitter, beads and slightly worn Beto O’Rourke signs all up and down Cedar Springs. But it’s never too soon to be proud again. This Friday, get ready for WETT, the official Dallas Lesbian Pride event taking place at Sue Ellen’s. Featuring tunes from DJ Ladylike of Lesbian Happy Hour fame, and performances by […]

Puttholes Everywhere

Are you an Ace of Clubs? Then get ready for LifeWalk‘s annual golfing/drinking/laughing event, Clover Open. The pub crawl features miniature golf-style putting holes at a dozen different locations around the gayborhood. But first, you need to gather a team of four. Register by this Sunday and save $40 per team over day-of signup. Create a team name and start practicing your […]

Is Your Monday Dragging?

What’s the best way to celebrate making it through another Monday? Staying up late and missing work on Tuesday! Tonight, starting at 10:00 p.m., C.E.B.A. (Caven Enterprises Benevolence Association) presents its annual Turnabout Show with hostess extraordinaire, Cassie Nova. Employees from JR’s, Station 4, Sue Ellen’s and TMC will appear in drag, some for the first time. Some as seasoned pros. […]

Fight For Your Right To Mardi

If next week is Fat Tuesday, then today is more of a Trump-esque One-Pound-Shy-of-Obese Tuesday. Even though we’re 500 miles away from New Orleans, we can still Mardi-party with the best of them. And this Saturday, you can get your decadence on at any or all of your favorite Caven clubs: JR’s, Sue Ellen’s, TMC, Station 4 and Rose Room. There will […]