News & Reviews for Gay Dallas


Tune In Tonight

Your Pride Month entertainment choices have expanded once again! Tonight, we celebrate the premiere of two new documentaries. Over on HBO, it’s Wig, which focuses on the art of drag […]

Pridetime Television

We’ve already turned to Amazon Prime for the majority of our Pride Month purchases, from rainbow stickers to pass out to paradegoers to costumes for parties when we’re at WorldPride […]

Must-See LGBTV

This Wednesday, we encourage you to BYOL: Bring Your Own Laughtrack. That’s because Resource Center‘s communication and advocacy manager Rafael McDonnell will be presenting LGBTQ on TV. The hour-long presentation reviews […]

Voices Of Change

At no point in recorded history have transgender people been more visible. But most still face disproportionate amounts of discrimination, intolerance and violence. The more we hear directly from these […]

Street Walker & Talker

Sigh. Our dream date suitor, Billy Eichner, is back. And not a moment too soon. We plowed through the second season of Difficult People in a matter of days and […]

Laughing Historically

Tonight, one way or another, history will be made. We’ll either end up with the first woman POTUS or the first oozing orange SCROTUS. But polls show that a good […]

Amazing Gracefulness

Does wanting to stay home on a Friday night and watch modern dance on PBS make us officially old? (Be as bitchy as you want in your response, we can’t […]

Binge, Queen!

$130 million. That would pay for a lifetime’s worth of Saved by the Bell episodes. But these days, that’s what it takes to create a short-but-epic Netflix series (or at […]

Dratchin’ & Snackin’

Fingering chickens. Straight dudes tongue-kissing in the closet. Exposing a watermelon’s gigantic penis. These are just a few of the wonderful things you’ll see in the wild new sketch show, […]

The Real (Small) Housewives Of Dallas

This is probably not what Louisa May Alcott had in mind. Yet here we are. Another reality show franchise launching a Dallas edition filled with trash talk, cat fights and […]