Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Hell Hath No Fury

She came. She wrote. She conquered. In the age of journalism being called enemies of the people by nutjobs in the White House, it’s important to celebrate the brave ones who dare to take a stand against corruption, hypocrisy and just plain terrible politics. During her illustrious career, Molly Ivins proved that a little salt makes everything better. Especially in […]

Same Cinco, New Dos

There’s a new brew in town (and all of Texas and New Mexico for that matter). And it might be just what you need to put a new twist on your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Last month, Dos Equis launched a unique cerveza: Dos Equis Mexican Pale Ale (XX MPA). We were a little hesitant to try it because we’re […]

Eat, Drink Tito’s & Be Merry

Some people get into the holiday spirit. Us, we prefer getting into the holiday spirits. No, we’re not talking Dickensian ghosts from varying points in time. We’re talking booze—ice-cold, put-some-color-in-your-cheeks booze. And as proof that not everything coming out of Texas is a Ted Cruz-worthy buzz kill, Tito’s Handmade Vodka gives us hope. Not only does the Austin-based company actively support various […]

Road Trip To Pride

Dallas Pride kicks off in a little over a month. But if you simply can’t wait for the new, two-day Pride festival and parade, we have a capital idea: Road trip to Austin! Head down to Austin Pride this weekend, next weekend or heck, take off the entire week. It’s going to be nothing short of epic. Just check out […]

Ann With A Plan

We met Ann Richards once. And she was an absolute bitch. Once we got over the shock of the snub after telling her how much we admired her, however, we realized that it was this same strong personality (and wicked sense of humor) that made us love her in the first place. So what if we didn’t become her new gay […]

Party Tonight With Latino Pride

Pride Month is almost over. But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking forward to Dallas Pride in September. And Texas Latino Pride this October 14. The latter kicks off its celebration 105 days in advance of the event with a party tonight to reveal this year’s beneficiary and get everyone in the mood for the 4th annual festival […]

Looney Tunas

This weekend, the residents of the third smallest town in Texas make a triumphant return. The always-must-see, quick-change comedy Greater Tuna is back with one of the show’s creators, Jaston Williams, in the director’s chair this time around. A team of three actors (instead of the usual two) creates a total of 20 characters, each more crazy, redneck and right-wing than the others. Yep, even […]

The 701 Club: Designers, Declarers & Deviants

I am on FIRE this week. Handle with care. Designers: Lord help us! Hollyweird awards season is upon us. Famous women pushing the envelope of good taste with gravity defying dress disasters, famous men thinking that a tux will excuse bad grooming, and all of them trying to look like they’re glad to be there. I watched the first parade of […]

Royal Visit To Texas

Sure, our first choice would be Seven Minutes in Heaven with Prince William, but there’s another Royal encounter that’s officially bumped that wish down a few notches. Mainly because it’s more likely to actually happen. Fellow Texans, rejoice in Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky, available exclusively to those of us living in the Lone Star State for months before the […]

Galveston Island: Tremont House

It’s hard to miss the Tremont House at night, what with the giant lit Mardi Gras arch just outside. Yet somehow, we still drove right past it the first time. But once we got to our room, we knew the Tremont House was a wise choice. The European-style hotel occupies a building built in 1879, so you know it’s rich with […]