Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Trevor Project

The Rainbow Confection

Got a little sugar in your step? Want a little more? In a land where baking cakes for LGBTQ people still causes controversy, it’s always a welcome change for a company to actively support us in the gayest, rainbowiest way possible. On June 7, Sprinkles launched a series of Pride treats available in Dallas through the end of the month. […]

Con Mucho Amor

With Pride season coming very soon for much of the world, we’re loading up on rainbow everything in anticipation. Of course, we don’t ever wait until Pride to wear it all, but it’s always a fun part of our wardrobe to build up. And speaking of building up, the latest shirt from MUCHLOVE features a very simple message: Love You. […]

Jiggle All The Way

Eight crazy nights. No, we’re not talking about Hanukkah this time. We’re referring to the eight after-dark parties that Woody’s has put on to celebrate the holiday season over the years. This Thursday, kick the weekend off early at Woody’s 8th Annual Holiday Celebration and we hope to be there with bells on! (And maybe a candy cane up our butt to […]

Hopped Up On Love

Easter isn’t for another week, yet there’s a bunny in the news right now proving to be way more popular than the one that hides eggs and lays gooey, cream-filled confections. His name is Marlon Bundo and if you haven’t been following the buzz, he’s the resident rabbit in the Mike Pence household. Yep, that Mike Pence. And while his daughter […]

Naughty By Knit-ture

If you haven’t been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party yet this year, well, you just might be a hermit. But never fear. Some of the best parties are the ones you invite yourself to. Tomorrow night, put on the ugliest damn holiday sweater you can find (or grab the hot glue gun and whip up your own). Then […]

Teed Off

NO FATS, NO FEMS. On any given day, we’re at least one of those two things. The latter, always. By now, you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding a t-shirt that was marketed with that slogan. Perhaps you were offended, perhaps you weren’t. But in direct response to that powerful four-word phrase, the guys over at gay app Jack’d have […]

A 25K Birthday Present

Wade Addison is turning 25 and he wants you to pay for his presents. But don’t worry, it’s nothing selfish in the slightest. Knowing that his 25th birthday is a significant milestone, Wade decided rather than a lavish party he’d do his part to raise $25,000 for The Trevor Project in 25 days. There’s a week left and he’s more […]