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Pridetime Television

We’ve already turned to Amazon Prime for the majority of our Pride Month purchases, from rainbow stickers to pass out to paradegoers to costumes for parties when we’re at WorldPride […]

Pretty In Plink

When we were young, we spent many a summer weekday watching The Price Is Right. In our spare time we’d stage elaborate productions in our living room, impersonating Bob Barker. […]

Gay Wedding Bells

We’d never even heard of the sitcom, Clipped. Until a few days ago, that is. But we’re glad it’s finally on our gaydar. The TBS comedy comes from Will & […]

Early Father’s Day

We’re having withdrawals! It’s been nearly two years since we’ve written about super-gay actor and comedian Alec Mapa, but that all changes today. After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign to […]