Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Victory Park

Brunch Of The Week: We Need A HERO

Every summer, we discover a new hero to root for. Typically, it’s a person in a blockbuster movie, but not this year. We have an entirely different HERO to worship. HERO by HG SPLY CO. to be more specific. The massive venue that shares the plaza with the American Airlines Center launched brunch at the end of June and we […]

Bottoms Up!

Victory is ours! After so many years of ho-hummery in Victory Park, it’s exciting to see the district surrounding American Airlines Center finally coming into its own. Not only as a dining destination but an entertainment district that extends beyond what happens on the stage or arena nearby. Among the new arrivals is JINYA Ramen Bar, a chain that got […]

Brunch Of The Week: Wake Up & Smell The Pizza

We’ve never been fond of cold pizza in the morning. No matter how hungover and/or starving we might be. Hot pizza in the morning? Well, that’s an entirely different story. Especially at North Italia’s spectacular brunch. We first tried North Italia years ago at the original location in Arizona and loved everything we tried. Who knew this many moons later […]

Noteworthy Shopping

Last Christmas our friends gave us a simple but perfect art print that read “I’m Feeling Tipsy But Fresh.” Pretty much sums up our state of mind most waking hours of the day. Last week, after lunch at Cook Hall inside W Dallas-Victory we decided to explore some shops in Victory Park. When we walked into Read Between The Lines, right there […]