Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Video on Demand

So Many Men, So Little Time

Would we make a movie about what 100 men would say about sex with us? Yes, but only if we got to select which hundred. But Paul Oremland‘s new film, 100 Men, is a little more candid than that. He tracks down some men from his most memorable sexual encounters and puts it all up there on the screen. It’s funny, cringe-worthy and […]

Rode Trip

Why aren’t our male prostitutes ever as hot as they are in Hollywood movies? sigh. But handsome hunks with killer bods are only part of the equation in the excellent film, RETAKE, out today on DVD (and available on-demand, too). When Jonathan, a lonely middle-aged man (Tuc Watkins, whom we’ve loved since his days on One Life to Live), hires a male hustler […]


Sexy go-go boys. Creepy clowns. Bitchy lesbians. Drag queen hypnotists. Ambulance-chasing psychiatrists. Humorless detectives. And plenty of murder. That’s just the top of the laundry list of what’s in store for you in Kiss Me, Kill Me, a thoroughly entertaining psychological thriller out today on Video On Demand and DVD. From the Hitchcockian title sequence to the final credit scroll, […]

Silver Bells In Silverlake

Ah, the gay holiday romantic comedy. Imagine telling someone in the LGBT community just a few decades ago that one day we’d have so many queer movies that “gay holiday romantic comedy” was actually a genre unto itself. But here we are in 2016 and the diversity of what movies are available to us as gay men continues to surprise, […]

Margarita Time!

We just love the diversity of the LGBT community and it seems to come out in so many unexpected ways during Pride Month. On June 14, Margarita With A Straw was released on video on demand (which means you can watch it right this minute!) or you can wait until next week when the DVD is released on June 28. […]

Look Deep Into My Right-Wing Eyes

“Did you hear about Trump’s potential candidates for VP? One of them is Hispanic and a woman. How will that work?” There are so many things wrong with this actual quote from our parents this past weekend when referencing the possibility that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was a possibility. Why would our mom be scared of a woman in […]