Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Be Proud Of Your Vodka

As big a deal as Pride might be every year, this year it’s downright monumental. With the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the first-ever World Pride event to […]

Shake It ‘Til You Make It

My how time flies—when you’re drinking booze. Hard to believe it’s been six years since the first Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic, but here we are. Mor than half a decade […]

Drink Your Milk

We can’t imagine a greater honor as a gay man than being memorialized on a vodka bottle. Then again, that’s also where we want our ashes stored, so to those […]

Ready For Pool-Drink Season?

One of the only reasons we had a pool built in our backyard was to have a change of scenery while we drink. And to swim naked without having whistles […]

Fave Five: Holiday Boozing Edition

We haven’t done a Fave Five in a while because, well, clearly we’ve been drinking. But it’s ok, it’s all for work. As we head into the holiday season, we […]

Cinco de Drinko

Ah, Cinco de Mayo. Also just known as “Friday” to most everyone living in Mexico. But no matter how irrelevant some people find the holiday, it’s become an official day […]

Glass For Days

Gorgeous on the outside? You bet. But it’s definitely what’s on the inside that counts. We hold that sentiment for shirtless men in hammocks, but it goes double when it […]

Drink Like You’re On Vacation

Bottoms up! That’s no longer just our bedroom battle cry, we also use it when sampling lots and lots of boozy bevvies. Make plans to get your week off to […]

The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year

You have three days to find us a gift for our favorite holiday. Lucky for you, the list is short. And easy. (Just like that 22-year-old we met last week.) […]

Don’t Forget Your Pants!

There are many times we hate being encumbered by societal norms such as wearing pants in public. But as much as we enjoy running around with a little flippity floppity […]