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Persons Of Interested

Few things in this big gay world produce more drama than hookup apps. Excuse us, dating apps (eye roll). There’s also plenty of comedy to be mined from casual sexual […]

Gray For Pay

As you might expect, we get pitched a lot of crowdfunding projects to write about. And most of them never make the cut. Be grateful. So you know when we do feature […]

Extra! Extra! Here Come The Paper Boys

 We hope everyone’s excited because it’s almost Summer Fling Season! Clandestine meetings. Passionate nights in bed. Selfies you probably can’t share with Mom. Who doesn’t have a fond place in their […]

Enjoy Secs With Sandra Bernhard

We’re already giddy about the news that Roseanne is getting a revival with the original cast, but right now we have the next-best thing to tide us over. You may recall that […]

Fave Five: Our Current Obsessions

It’s the weekend and we’re suffering from a serious case of short attention span. But that’s good news for you because we have five things to share with you today […]

We Want Four More Years!

When we were asked to review a new web series called The Next Four Years, we almost didn’t open the e-mail request. We figured it was simply another doomsday documentary about […]

Isn’t It Bromantic?

We’re totally against conversion therapy. Unless it’s in reverse. Because we all have that straight guy friend that we’re utterly convinced we could utterly convince to do some gay stuff. […]

Here Comes The Gayborhood

Welcome to the golden age of LGBT entertainment. If you haven’t noticed by the content of many He Said Magazine stories lately, there are more and more TV shows, web series and films […]

Anderson Keeper

Many people reading this may not even know who Loni Anderson is. [sigh] [copious amounts of tears for feeling old] [broken hip from slipping in said tears] We’ll leave the […]

Better Than Ever

It’s always easier to believe something’s true when there’s proof. So we love that Lexus and L/Studio have found success with their It Got Better docuseries, which provides undeniable evidence […]