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Pride, To Be An American

It’s June, y’all. And that means Pride all over the place—literally and figuratively. Tomorrow, YouTube Originals premieres the LGBTQ documentary, State of Pride, a film that looks at what it’s […]

Interview With A Vamper

Too much content! That’s what we wake up in a cold sweat screaming every night because damn if there isn’t more fabulous entertainment than we’ll ever possibly be able to consume […]

A Six-Pack Of Sex Tips

Summer always has a way of sneaking up on us. Every January we pledge that THIS will be the year we finally get that rock-hard swimsuit body we’ve always drooled over dreamed of. […]


If Judge Judy hasn’t provided you with your legal fix for the week, don’t worry. There’s a new (free) LGBT series that just debuted yesterday called Big Law. The half-dozen short episodes follow the […]

Here, Kiddie Kiddie!

Remember how fun it was to sit and watch Sesame Street before school? Or Schoolhouse Rock! on weekends? (Yes, we know we’re dating ourselves.) As adults, one of the things we miss most […]

We Want Four More Years!

When we were asked to review a new web series called The Next Four Years, we almost didn’t open the e-mail request. We figured it was simply another doomsday documentary about […]

Isn’t It Bromantic?

We’re totally against conversion therapy. Unless it’s in reverse. Because we all have that straight guy friend that we’re utterly convinced we could utterly convince to do some gay stuff. […]

Away In A Steam Room

We like our religion with a healthy dose of sac. And that’s exactly what the guys at Steam Room Stories have delivered this holiday. In addition to being very naughty […]

The Whole Kit & John’s Caboodle

If you’re not watching EastSiders on Vimeo already, here’s another nudge. We simply adore this hilarious dark comedy about a group of gay men and their California (mis)adventures. Now in […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Things Have Gotten Better?

So are things as bad as the politicians say they are or are we making progress? Enjoy Miss Craig McCartney’s hilarious take on the state of the States! You must […]