Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Sia makes us Smile

First, Pharrell made us “Happy,” and now Sia is taking a sunshine turn to make us smile…and, girl, did she! (It almost makes us feel bad for bagging on Bette yesterday. Almost.) But back to Sia. She’s remade “Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” for the upcoming release – and also remake – of “Annie,” starring some big names (Jamie […]

Bette Warbles “Waterfalls”

When we heard that Bette Midler was remaking TLC’s Waterfalls, one of our favorite songs from high school preschool, we REALLY wanted to like it. Like, really really. But then we heard it. As always, adore her voice, but this just sounds like our grandma warbling to Top 40 in the kitchen while stirring spaghetti sauce. We just can’t. (In […]

That’s What He Said: Gay List Daily is now He Said Magazine

Cooper Smith Koch here, Gay List Daily’s founder and publisher. I want to personally tell you about some big changes that are kicking off today and coming soon with our publication – starting at the top, as of this moment, we’re He Said Magazine. What do you think? Personally, we love it and think it better reflects who we are […]

Standing O for Jason Brown

We’re sooo looking forward to cheering on cutie-pie Olympic ice skater Jason Brown in a few weeks! He just qualified for the team over the weekend with this epic performance that brought down the house and everyone in the audience to their feet. We don’t know if he’s gay or not (aren’t all ice skaters, though, really?!), but he’s captured […]

If “Mean Girls” Were Gay

We’re dying over this super gay, super funny parody of “Mean Girls,” by cutie pie Todrick Hall (who plays the ultra cunty – their word, not ours! – Reggie George). It’s so fetch. And, OMG, Reggie’s momma…well, you just gotta watch it to know what we’re talking about.

Image of Davey Wavey and Tyler Oakley

25 Ways To Know You’re Gay

Davey Wavey & Tyler Oakley join forces from Australia with the definitive list of 25 ways to know you’re gay.

Image of Fred and Jenny in bed

Fred Comes Out

Cutie-pie Nick star Fred comes out with his best gal-pal at his side.