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A Column About Nothing

At this stage, I am bound and determined to rekindle my ability to talk endlessly about absolutely nothing.  As a southerner, it is my birthright.  With that in mind, I will proceed. Spring is in the air, and we are certainly among those anxiously watching to see which plants have survived the winter storm here in Texas.  (I am deliberately […]

Vaccine, Visage & Victory!

Witness here the movings of our Lord among us. Vaccine.  I’d like to address a news item which I believe sullies the name of good Christians like myself.  Apparently, there is a trend among White Evangelical Christians to NOT get vaccinated against the Crayolavirus.  The reasons are myriad, but include “the vaccine contained aborted cell tissue,” “God was the ultimate […]

Back To The Movies

For months now, the person I have seen more frequently than any I share air with in this house is Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Classic Movies.  Not because he’s my BFF, but because he introduces so many of the movies I’ve watched on TCM during this time.   Watching movies, particularly the old ones, has been part of what I do […]

Christians, Commandments & Canals.

Let us gather in prayer over these thoughts. Christians.  I follow sports about like I follow the comings and goings of the citizens of Jakarta.  I’m sure it’s fascinating, but I just couldn’t care less.  However, when I heard that fine Christian schools have basketball teams playing in some sort of bracketed championship, I pay heed.  The Lord led the […]

Full Immersion

When I was a child, “full immersion” had nothing to do with learning another language and everything to do with the proper way to be baptized.  The Catholics and those high protestant denominations did it wrong, according to the Southern Baptists, who surely knew the right way to do it and derisively called what those others did “sprinkling.” Baptized three […]

A New Kind of Black Knight

It isn’t often that memories of Monty Python’s Flying Circus are triggered, but when they are, it’s a fun side street off Memory Lane to stroll down.  The successful broadcast of episodes of the breakthrough series by KERA in Dallas in 1974—the first airings in the United States, by the way—led to other PBS stations picking up the show.  And […]

Sisterhood, Sin & Shelter.

It’s the Babatists vs. the Catholics this week. Sisterhood.  I daresay that there is no finer, devout Babatist woman than myself.  Perhaps no fine Christian, but let’s not split hairs.  Still, there is one woman in whose presence I stand amazed.  Evangelical Babatist, Christian and Bible teacher, Sister Beth Moore.  Her ministry has touched women the world over.  However, last […]

In Order To Form A More Perfect Normalcy

These are strange times indeed.  I want to talk about the return to normalcy in a hopefully deft manner, but it seems rather tone-deaf to attempt to be clever about something that is still killing hundreds of Americans every day.  After all, I don’t want to be mistaken for a politician or the Duchess of Sussex. With that disclaimer, we’ll […]

Royals, Remedies & Ridiculous.

Some prayerful commentary for your week. Royals.  I am a follower of the Prince of Peace and King of Kings.  I believe in the Lord of all.  These are the only royal titles which merit my attention.  Apparently, attention is being paid to a red-headed stepchild and his wife who are pouring out their dirty laundry to Sister Oprah.  I […]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

It seems like Texas has been living inside a series of movie titles.  Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?, shifted to Don’t Drink the Water, and moved on to Once Upon a Time in Mexico. This week, Governor Greg Abbott took it to a whole new level when he lifted COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and rescinded a statewide […]