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Stimulus. Stir. Status.

Let us gather in virtual prayer over these matters. Stimulus.  Manna from Heaven!  Our esteemed leader has signed an Act which will send money to any citizen who made less than a certain amount of money over the past couple of years.  While it would be easy for me to decry this as socialism, there are many of the poor […]

A Few of my Favorite Things

Having fallen into a YouTube hole, it’s necessary to stick my head up and start writing this column without a single idea about what it will be about.   Fats Domino was walking to New Orleans a minute ago, and now Little Richard is singing to me about Lucille.  With nothing coming to my mind to say, the pretty boy has […]

Fauci, Films & Flatulence

The latest in inspirational advice and commentary for these unprecedented times. Fauci.  Praise God for the wisdom of Brother Doctor Anthony Fauci.  As head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Brother Tony has been on the forefront of knowledge, wisdom and advice as we face these […]

Gimme Shelter

Social distancing. Quarantine. Lockdown. Shelter in place. Oh, the times in which we live. Taking the words for what they actually mean, social distancing isn’t really what we’re doing. Anyone who’s ever been to a cocktail party, a church pot luck, or a family reunion knows that social distancing is what we do when we’re avoiding contact with another specific […]

Touch. Tissue. Travel.

These are end times, Brothers and Sisters.  Isolate! Touch.  So many people are “self-isolating” in light of the threat of coronavirus.  I understand the concern, but my ministry is reliant on the ability to lay hands on others.  What to do?  I will be starting a “virtual touch” ministry with which I will be available for spiritual feeling, uh, healing […]

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

My starting assumption today is the only people reading this column are the ones who aren’t out buying up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer that’s still available. Nor are any of you those folks who are endlessly posting on social media that this is either the end of the world or a complete global conspiracy to bring down […]

A Takedown or Two

Will Rogers famously said, “I am not a member of any organized party.  I am a Democrat.” For a brief moment this last week, it looked like that sage and witty quote had finally met its sell-by date.   With Sanders coming out of Nevada with a win following strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire (it’s not a win unless […]

Super, Second & Sudden

Here are my Primary concerns. Super.  Last week I had to deal with FAT Tuesday and this week it was SUPER Tuesday.  What’s next week gonna bring, FILTHY Tuesday?  It’s unfortunate that you will be reading this after the results of the primaries.  Therefore, I’ll just make some comments as of this writing.  The Demoncrats are in a human game […]

The Little Matchbox Boys

Christmas and birthdays always brought toys growing up, many of them made by Tonka and mostly trucks.  Fire truck, dump truck, tow truck, even a Pepsi truck. I liked to play with them in my room, but not with the other boys in the neighborhood.  Besides, they were kind of big, so they weren’t really portable.  What I really loved […]

Pardon, Pete & Pudding

Hear, O Lord, my supplications. Pardon.  Let us reflect on the mercy that our President has shown over the past week.  A man whose moral compass is magnetically bereft has seen fit to issue pardons for a few convicted criminals, freeing them from bondage and imprisonment.  Rather than comment directly on these decisions, let me simply quote scripture from Jeremiah […]

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