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Do The Right Thing

Well boys and girls, Tuesday is Election Day in America or ‘Murica, depending on for whom one is voting.  This year, it seems we’ve had more of a voting season, what with early and mail-in balloting.  Lord, I’ve been voting since God was a boy, but I’ve never been quite this beat up about it. First, we’ve been admonished to […]

Pinch, Parade & Push.

I’m practically speechless this week.  Consider these concerns. Pinch.  I have been on my knees for Brother Rudy Giuliani in light of his recent appearance on film showing much effort in trying to keep his attire neat and tidy. I have witnessed my pastor, who has put on the pounds lately, struggle with keeping his shirttail appropriately intact. I am […]

Roll With The Rhythm

Back when hair was never too big and shoulders were padded to look like linebackers, I worked in the real world.  That is, if the corporate world is real.  At that time, it sometimes fell to me to prepare a cost-benefit analysis to recommend or determine the best approach to addressing a specific business need.   While those days are long […]

Vanish. Video. Vexing.

Miracles are still happening all around us. Vanish.  I am consistently amazed at the miraculous powers that our esteemed President has been given. He has been prophesying that the Crayola virus would vanish. While his timeline on this action has been iffy at best, his certainty of such vanishing is resolute. The Lord and I have been in fervent conversation […]

Butter Up

There are few things in life as consistently good as butter.  In fact, if you’re the praying kind, you might take a moment right now to thank the Lord for this blessing.   We say something is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but sliced bread isn’t much without butter.  Mashed potatoes and rice go from good to great with a […]

Curse. Cracker. Court.

We need some lighter fare this week. Curse.  I came upon a story which I found to be of great interest. Apparently some poor soul from Canada absconded with some artifacts when she was visiting the ruins of Pompeii some years back. She recently felt convicted to send these artifacts back to the archaeologists in that Italian city saying that, […]

The Trump Show

First, there was Dallas.  Then, Knots Landing.  And finally, Dynasty.  The trio of prime time soap operas I was addicted to back in the day.  While there was the occasional check-in at Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road, devotion was awarded only to the top three. And that was good for a long while.  There was “Who Shot J. R.?” mania, […]

Infantile, Infectious & Infuriation.

It’s been a rough week.  And that is NOT debatable. Infantile.  I know it’s been a while since the fiasco, but I need to comment on that first Presidential debate…….which was anything BUT Presidential.  Bless their hearts.  I have a word-a-day calendar and, coincidentally, the word for the day that day was “petulance.”  The Lord moves in mysterious ways, Brothers […]

The Night The Lights Went Out

Three old white guys walk into a bar.  That sounds like the beginning of a classic joke.  But altered to three septuagenarian white guys walk onto a presidential debate stage, it’s not a joke at all.  And that’s what happened this week. I’m willing to flirt with presumption in the pursuit of insight to look at the 100 minutes in […]

Taxes. Tapped. Tats.

It’s been a taxing week.  For some more than others. Taxes.  The nation is aflutter over the news that Brother Trump has seemingly woefully under-rendered unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.  Oh, those mighty income earners.  There are so many tax shelters available to them, whereas the rest of us are laid bare to the taxing elements.  Quite frankly, I’m […]