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Just Suppose

Just suppose for a moment that Marion Crane as played by Janet Leigh in Psycho, who was Jamie Lee Curtis’s mother for those too young to know, didn’t get caught in the rain that night and get stuck at the Bates Motel.  What if she had taken the $40,000 (over $400,000 in today’s money) she had stolen and gone somewhere […]

Kansas City, Here I Come

I know almost nothing about Kansas City.  Karl and I drove through years ago on a road trip from Dallas to Chicago, and by that, I mean Karl drove and I rode.  (I never drove on a road trip because we always took Karl’s car, and I can’t drive a stick.)  But that hardly counts as going to Kansas City, […]

Wedging, Wednesday & Weddings.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  Football with Lent and some aging sluts. Wedging.  I kept wondering why I was hearing so much about some extraordinary bird this past weekend.  Apparently, it was being given major television coverage.  Finally, it was pointed out to me that this was not programming regarding a Superb Owl, but rather a Super Bowl.  Not […]

Victory, Vengeance & Voice.

Rejoicing amid strife. Lift us up, O Lord! Victory. Sisters-in-Christ, let us REJOICE! Much like the Lord moved through Mary and Martha in the Bible, a woman has once again been the vessel for triumph! Sister E. Jean Carroll held steadfast in her convictions over evil and was given her earthly reward in the courts of justice. Not only did […]

Everything Is In The Movies

Some of our earliest memories often make the deepest impressions on our lives.  If they are of traumatic events, those memories can be repressed and require sometimes years of therapy to unearth and understand how those events play out in our adult lives.  But more benign memories have warm connotations and set us on a path to lifelong interests that […]

Oh, Nikki, It’s Your Time

Faster than you can say these boots are made for walkin’, Florida’s own Ron DeSantis dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination before this week’s New Hampshire primary.  And like Nancy Sinatra’s classic song said, “Now what’s right is right, and you ain’t been right yet.”  But good for you, Governor Kinky Boots, it’s the only right […]

Abort. Avert. Alarm.

Lord, hear these our prayers and give us strength. Abort.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Florida’s self-proclaimed Savior has fallen from the temple of sanctity into the abyss of failure.  Sister Rhonda Santis has given up the race for President in abject defeat and thrown the vote to the name that trumps all names.  In keeping with the name I […]

Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Generally speaking, I don’t care.  The idea that one indicates pessimism and the other optimism has always seemed rather a stretch to me.  My interest may be increased if the glass were half empty or half full with something other than water, and I dare say may be more indicative of an innate personality trait. The glass contains half of […]

Complaining & Explaining

Well, we’ve barely cracked the middle of January, and I’m already struggling with my ongoing resolution to honor that old maxim of “Don’t complain; don’t explain.”  It’s a goal, but I’m just so blasted good at complaining and so eager to explain that I tend to fall short.  It doesn’t help one little bit that almost everywhere I turn someone […]

Awards. Anderson. Alaska.

Could these be end times? Awards.  I’m so sorry to say that the Hollyweird awards season is upon us.  The first of these cavalcades of perversity, the Golden Globes, aired on Sunday (the Lord’s Day!!).  I had to force myself to watch this drivel so that I am keenly aware of how to pray for our nation.  It was truly a […]