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The Enoughness of Us

In Sunset Boulevard when Joe Gillis says to her that he didn’t know she was planning a comeback, Norma Desmond shoots back, “I hate that word.  It’s a return, a return to the millions of people who have never forgiven me for deserting the screen.”  Gloria Swanson owns that classic line, but it could just as easily been delivered by […]

Biden, Biden, Biden!

And behold, a new day dawns. Biden.  I had to hold my column for a day this week because I knew that Wednesday would be a big day. The pomp and circumstance of the inauguration of our 46th president did not disappoint. However, I would like to comment on a couple of things. First of all, Sister Woman Gaga gave […]

White People, Stupid People & George Carlin

Having spent so much time this week trying to track down some COVID vaccine, I have managed to sign up for waiting lists for practically any place within driving distance that is rumored to be in line to get some of the magic elixir.  This is hard for me to do, being white.  White people hate to wait in line […]

Sedition. Sashay. Salacious.

Lord, hear the cried of your people.  No, not THOSE people. Sedition.  The last week, I have been in my prayer closet so much, my hair smells like mothballs!  Lord, hear us!  Listen, as a Christian, I appreciate passion for a cause more than some do.  So many are dismayed that the man they believe to be “ordained by God” […]

I’ll Take Words That End In -TION For $500, Alex

It was a Saturday night in December more years ago than I care to admit that I was meeting a large group of friends at a little dive place called Mamma Mia’s for cheap Italian food and a good deal of correspondingly cheap wine.  My college days were coming to an end, and I’m not sure now whether the gathering […]

Happy New Year…With Qualifications

If this were a totally rational world, we would have collectively packed off all beliefs in superstitions and omens to some kind of metaphorical landfill.  That said, 2020 has provided proof positive that we’re not living in a rational world, so I feel justified in hanging on to the ones that were taught at my mother’s knee. Mother was a […]

Fashion, Flash & Fraud.

My end of year musings. Fashion.  I don’t normally recognize, with grace, famous sodomites on their passing, but I’m making an exception.  Brother Pierre Cardin left this world after a full 98 years of life.  I honor him for the beauty he bestowed on our world.  I certainly would never have worn anything he designed (I’m far too rigid), but […]

Stars, Skivvies & Stimulus.

Christmas prayers. Stars.  I am sick and tired of all of this fuss this week about the alleged Christmas star.  So Jupiter and Saturn appearing together as one big star. Big deal. Jupiter and Saturn didn’t even exist when Jesus was born. Besides, scripture tells us that one was a star in the east. The one this week was in […]

There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Missing Christmas?  That’s understandable.  After all, we’re living in a world where going home for the holidays has turned into staying home.  And it’s not just for the day itself. There’s no parties and no open houses.  No individual traditions of pre-Christmas lunches and small gatherings for private gift exchanges.  No looking at the December calendar and doing a mental […]

FLOTUS. Finals. Famous

On your knees, heathens. FLOTUS.  As a woman in ministry with a definitive honorific before my name, I am aghast at a recent WALL STREET JOURNAL opinion piece suggesting that incoming FLOTUS, Dr. Jill Biden, drop the “Dr.” from her name.  After all, she’s not a medical doctor, as the opinion stated.  I’d like to point out that the author, […]