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Mixed Nuts

Along with almost everyone else at the time, I grew up in a house with nuts.  Not my parents, of course, but actual nuts.  Pecans, English walnuts, filberts, almonds, and Brazil nuts were usually found in one of those nut bowls with a place for the nutcracker and several picks in the center.   Ours had a rough bark-like edge around […]

Sluts, Surgeons & Storms

Gather at the throne of prayer with me, all ye who read. Sluts.  We have had to witness TWO parades of fabric filth fashioned as frocks.  The Video Music Awards, which I refuse to watch, gave rise to a bevy of Satanic musicians proudly showing their lack of taste on national television.  How do I know?  The media makes sure […]

Life Is Like A Chocolate Factory

Doesn’t everybody love Lucy?  Over thirty years after the death of Lucille Ball, the iconic television character she created continues to provide comic relief to a world that is increasingly anything but comical.  Anybody who doesn’t love Lucy is as suspect in my books as those who don’t love dogs.   I’m not sure whether it would fall into the realm […]

Texas, Texas, Texas!

Pray for my home state.  I’m already on my knees. Texas.  As a Christian and Babatist, I’m so grateful to have my ministry based here in Texas.  I can always depend on our state government to err on the side of biblical morality time and again.  Err, being the operative word here.  Our esteemed Governor, Brother Greg Abbott, has been […]

Texas, Oh Texas

Not much of eighth grade social studies class made a lasting impression on me, but the teacher who taught me did.  Her name was Mrs. Boswell, but the connection between that name and James Boswell, friend and biographer of Samuel Johnson, didn’t register with me until much later. Middle school, or junior high as it was called back then, arrived […]

A Bitch Slap By Any Other Name

This has been a banner week for clarifications or, to put it less delicately, bitch slaps.   There was U. S. District Judge Linda Parker delivering a cheek-stinging slap to Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and a host of other pro-Trump lawyers for the suit they filed in Michigan accusing public officials of the illegal manipulation of ballots to get Joe Biden […]

Kids, Content & Cookies.

I am wringing my hands in anxiety this week.  Read on…… Kids.  The homosexual agenda is just getting out of hand.  It’s bad enough that we had a sodomite try to run for President last year.  Then, after not getting the nomination, he was nominated for a cabinet post in the new administration.  We have one of the gays as […]

No Mo Cuomo

“What I find sort of extraordinary is that this man is at the top of a very particular iceberg.  I don’t think you can describe him as a ‘sex addict.’  He’s a predator.  But what he’s, as it were, the top of the ladder of is a system of harassment and belittling and bullying and interference and what my mother […]

Comet, Cosmos & Cuomo.

Hearken ye to my words of wisdom and comfort. Comet.  Sometimes, obituaries of note are more obscure than others, resonating only with those of us in our elder years.  This week brought us one such passing.  Sister Jane Withers left this mortal coil at the age of 95.  She had been a contemporary of Sister Shirley Temple as a child […]

A Day In The Life

Life is so much more simple for me these days, now that my responsibilities are culled down to maintaining hearth and home, a selective social calendar, and a weekly missive in the form of this column.  But even this relatively newfound simplicity is marked with complexities beyond my comprehension, which will be noted with an asterisk below.  Take Monday for […]