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Vanity Fair

Well, Oscar has put another year of awards season to bed, and the event itself was mostly uneventful, at least by Oscar standards.  No one got booed, no one got all political, no one got slapped.   Karl is not much for the red carpet part of the evening, and changing to a champagne carpet didn’t interest him much either.  I, […]

Drama, Drag & Dresses.

I’m on a rampage this week.  Join me in this justifiable anger. Drama.  I am just bereft, BEREFT I tell you, over recent dramatic revelations at God’s Own Network, Fox News.  Precious Brother Tucker Carlson has been revealed to have spoken untruths about his faith in our former President.  While looking at all of us in the eye (of the […]


Many years ago, a group of us were at some type of gathering when the conversation turned to Rush Limbaugh, then the radio talk show host with the largest audience.  Forbes had recently reported that he was making $33,000,000 annually, just under $50,000,000 in today’s money. Viewing him as a provocateur, I asserted that there might be no limit to […]

The Women, Or At Least Some Of Them

Democrats can justifiably boast of the important women who rose from their ranks.  Nellie Taylor Ross was the first female governor in American history, elected in 1924 in Wyoming.  The list goes on to include Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris, each of whom notched up important firsts in politics for women. But the Republicans can lay claim to […]

Roman. Raquel. Repentance.

Behold, the Lord is speaking through me about worldly things.  Take heed. Roman.  As is frequently the case, some things in this world just make me gag.  I came upon a headline of unsavory proportions:  “Wooden Object Nearly 2,000 Years Old Suggests Romans Used Sex Toys.”  Disgusting.  What sort of archeological pervert puts forward this assumption?  Just because a wooden […]

Run For Your Life

Back in November of last year, Donald Trump announced he would run for president again in 2024.  This week, Nikki Haley told us what we already knew — that she would also run.  Mike Pence is widely believed to be planning his own “look at me, I’m running” party, but that may be put on hold while he focuses on […]

Up, Up & Away

What’s not to love about a balloon?  Bunched together for birthday parties, they send a message of fun and frivolity before the actual festivities begin.  Even for adults, balloons at such occasions are holdovers from childhood long after cake and punch have been replaced with canapes and cocktails. Then there were the big balloons, like the one that brought the […]

Barrels, Balloons & Bowls.

It’s been a busy few days so far.  Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Barrels.  It is my Christian duty to watch televised awards shows in order to pray more effectively for the filth that is being piped into our homes.  Some awards shows are more family-friendly than others, but the bottom of the barrel HAS to be the Grammys.  Such […]

News, Weather & No Sports

Well, we’re having weather in Texas again this week.  Not snow, but ice.  But it’s winter, and that’s supposed to happen a time or two, so we just deal with it. Here in the 21st century, we do have more faith in weather forecasting than when I was growing up in the previous century.  On Monday morning, I got a […]

You Are Cordially Invited

Don’t we all love to receive invitations?  Whether we want to attend doesn’t even matter.  Formal invitations, e-vites (should that be capitalized?), the last minute “Want to get some Mexican tonight?” phone call.  The only ones I don’t like are those birthday invitations with the unexpected glitter or confetti that explodes all over when the envelope is opened. Cable news […]