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Strains, Sluts & Spirit.

I have been rending my clothing this week over these things. Strains.  I was really surprised at the lengths that certain PR/Advertising firms would go to promote their services.  I am of the opinion that Omnicom is a big enough entity that they don’t have to buy naming rights for a new strain of the Crayolavirus.  I mean really……why would […]

Side By Side With Sondheim

The death last week of Stephen Sondheim undoubtedly jarred loose the memories of devotees of musical theater, reminding us of so many times that he and his work intersected with our lives. For me, it started with the movie version of Gypsy, for which Sondheim wrote the lyrics.  Watching Natalie Wood strut around the stage to that insistent stripper drum […]

Greats. Gimme. Governance.

Let us pray. Greats.  Let us note the passing of another of the greats, yet a non-Christian.  Brother Stephen Sondheim left this mortal coil at the age of 91 after a lifetime of words and music bestowed upon the theater.  I don’t know exactly where his next life is since only Babatists are assuredly going to heaven, but I trust […]

Here We Beto Again

For those who may have sensed a whoosh of air blowing out of Texas earlier this week, it was probably the simultaneous sigh of relief from many Democrats in the state following Beto O’Rourke’s announcement that he is, in fact, running for governor.   For those who are relatively new or unfamiliar with this game, I offer a brief and necessarily […]

What Dreams May Come

Dreams may be sweet or sour, like pork or chicken.  What part of the psyche they come from and what they can reveal about the unconscious mind are questions well above my pay grade.   An actor’s nightmare may be about being on stage, perhaps naked, with no idea what the play might be.  A surgeon operating on an unknown patient […]

Theory, Travel, Toxic.

Heed these brief prayer concerns. Theory.  I am mystified at all this discussion about Critical Race Theory and whether it should be taught in school.  As far as I’m concerned, children don’t need to be wasting time learning about whether NASCAR or Indy 500 is more critical to racing enthusiasts.  And I CERTAINLY don’t want them to be learning about […]

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

As Karl could tell you, I’ve been saying for weeks that Democrats losing the Virginia gubernatorial race this week would boil down to the candidate and the campaign.  Despite the punditry with which those who pay attention to such things have been inundated, I think I was right. Let’s start with Terry “I don’t think parents should be telling schools […]

Slugs, Skulls & Shots.

Lord, save us from the crazies! Slugs.  One would think that traveling by air would be a holy experience since it is closer to the Heavens.  However, lately, air travel has become downright unchristian.  I always try to dress appropriately when I fly, but that seems to be passé these days.  And now, it seems that high altitudes are causing […]

A Rather Toxic Fruit Cocktail

In a world where the news is awash in coverage that invites the audience to shampoo its hair in gasoline and blow-dry it with a flamethrower, one story hit my radar this week that actually made me giggle.  It’s the one about the lady in Illinois suing Kellogg’s because her strawberry Pop-Tarts have “a relatively significant amount of non-strawberry fruit […]

Portrayals, Percentages & Props.

Stray not from the life of prayer.  Consider these concerns. Portrayals.  I try not to acknowledge any others gods other than my own Lord and Savior.  However, I’m making an exception this week.  I learned much about the Egyptian gods during a mission trip to Cairo many years ago.  (Camels are very uncomfortable as a means of transportation!)  I give […]