Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Well, Let Me Say This About That

Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Too Soon?

After telling an insensitive and usually tasteless joke about some recent event, the stand-up comedian asks “Too soon?” when the audience groans.  Anticipating a similar reaction on social media, someone posts “Too soon?” at the top of a meme.  Well, if you have to ask… Not that long ago, one of the safe topics for small talk, along with the […]

Who’s Up, Who’s Down

Well, they’re still counting votes across the country, particularly in Arizona and Nevada, so it is unclear at this writing which party will have control in both houses of Congress. Control might be the wrong word to describe having a majority of seats, as the last two Republican speakers of the House could attest. Having followed Daddy’s admonishment that those who […]

Brace Yourself

As Mrs. Doubtfire once said, “Winston’s idea of foreplay was, ‘Effie, brace yourself.’”  For those who feel like the political foreplay of the last few weeks leading up to next week’s midterm elections has left them with little to do but brace themselves, you are not alone.  Once braced, you know what happens next. But some Democrats aren’t the only […]

Watching Leslie Twirl

The news of Leslie Jordan’s death, so sudden and such a gut punch, came on a Monday when I had no plans.  That absence allowed me the opportunity to go down a YouTube rabbit hole of clips, many of him on Will and Grace.  While I understand the cultural significance of that show, I wasn’t particularly a fan of either […]

Betting On The Come

“Life’s a game, but who can play it all alone?”  The opening lyric of “I Know That You Know” is so true on so many levels. Many of us were brought up playing all sorts of games.  We graduated from Candy Land to Monopoly as part of increasing ability to formulate and execute strategy.  Old Maid would lose its luster […]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

With less than a month to go the midterm elections, we’re stuck in that “wait and see” place that virtually no one likes.  And it’s not like your favorite news commentator is going to be honest with you.  If truth were told, it might sound something like this: “Good evening, this is Anderson/Rachel/Sean Cooper/Maddow/Hannity bringing you breaking news.  It is […]

Some Memories Of A Coal Miner’s Daughter

It all started with cable television.  Tyler had it before most other communities, so we could get the ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates out of Dallas, plus the public television station and the independent station.  Crystal clear reception and no rabbit ears, for a small monthly fee.   All things considered, we watched more of the independent KTVT than any of […]

A Tale Of Two Asteroids

My understanding of scientific achievement in this and the last century is pretty much limited to having watched the moon landing in 1969 and Apollo 13.  I saw Armageddon a couple of times twenty years ago, and I sat through Meteor, but only once about forty years ago because Natalie Wood was in it. There was a classmate of mine […]

Funereal Thinking

With a fresh pot of coffee made in the far too early hours of the morning, I piled up on the sofa while the rest of the house was sleeping to tune into the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  I had already decided to watch the coverage on BBC to avail myself of the dulcet tones of the British […]

Her Address Is Heaven Above

I’ve written a letter to Lilibet:  Dear Lilibet, Your rather sudden departure last week has taken many of us a bit by surprise.  But then I suppose you already know that if you’ve got good Wi-Fi and had time to watch what’s been going on in your former realm. Hopefully, you’re getting settled comfortably into your new digs.  Are you […]