Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Well, Let Me Say This About That

Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Don’t Fence Me In

In one of my previous incarnations, about the time of the Nixon administration, there was an internal struggle between my desire to go to heaven and my wondering what the hell everyone would do once we got there.  This seemingly is still a puzzlement to many, as googling “description of heaven” will return an almost endless list of opinions on […]

A Critical Theory Or Two

“Don’t be so critical” was an admonishment I heard so often growing up that, to this day, just hearing that C-word gives me flashbacks.  It’s a trigger word for me, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve been going off like a revolver in a gunfight lately. The term “critical race theory” is really a string of triggers […]

Aha, But No Epiphany

Weeks with at least one good epiphany are the best.  Even when we are young, those sudden discoveries about the meaning of something or what is essential about a situation or a person imbues us with the sense we’ve gotten at least a little bit closer to wisdom.  It can be an intoxicating feeling. These days and at this age, […]

Entendre, Double & Otherwise

Democrats negotiating with Republicans (sort of) on the hot topics of voting rights and infrastructure is pretty clearly an exercise in futility, and a foreseeable one at that.  We’ve been to this ball game before, and it’s increasingly clear that Chuck Schumer is no Mitch McConnell. Let’s put it in football terms, which is shaky ground for me but let’s […]

Common Ground

My deliberate avoidance of what passes as the latest in political news is proving to be a good deal easier than I thought it would be.   I gather that there’s yet another email story circulating, this time about the former president’s assistant and chief of staff pressuring the Department of Justice to investigate claims of voter fraud in last year’s […]

What’s My Addiction?

It is common wisdom that admitting one has a problem is the first step towards recovery, which I understand is a basic tenet of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.  Well, I have a problem, an addiction if you will, and it has nothing to do with alcohol.  Nor does it have anything to do with sex or cocaine, naming just two […]

The Top & What’s Underneath

Sometimes a bit of random dialogue will jump out of a movie and stick with me for days.  I was watching Chaplin a few days ago, and the following snippet did just that. Chaplin: It’s a good country underneath, Doug. Fairbanks: No, it’s a good country on top.  Underneath—that’s what starts showing when we’re scared.   Well, which is it?  I’ve […]

Normal…Is That You?

It’s kind of fascinating to me that so many folks find it necessary to take a position on absolutely everything.  That sounds totally exhausting.  Who has the time or inclination to gather all the information and weigh opposing views in order to come to an informed opinion about everything that comes down the pike?  Of course, if one skips those […]

Mirror, Mirror In My Hand

For some of us slow learners, it takes the better part of a lifetime to understand why certain things are ever needed.  Even so, I can thing of a few that I still haven’t puzzled out. Take eyeshadow, for instance.  Whether one is buying at a drug store or a high-end department store, the precious powder in the desired shade […]

To Tell The Truth

I grew up loving game shows.  Being sick from school and having summer vacation meant getting to watch Concentration, You Don’t Say, and the often off-color wit of Paul Lynde, Charley Weaver, and Wally Cox on Hollywood Squares.   There was I’ve Got a Secret, sponsored by Winston cigarettes, where the likes of Garry Moore, Jayne Meadows, and Betsy Palmer (and […]