Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Well, Let Me Say This About That

Well, Let Me Say This About That is an interesting twist on current events, as told by Dallas’ finest and funniest Craig McCartney.

Drag Race

For months now, I have needed my fix of RuPaul and her marvelous Drag Race. You can keep your Real Housewives of Wherever with their scripted fights; give me an honest to God drag queen throwing shade any day. Especially if she’s throwing it with a trowel. (The new season starts Monday, March 7—thank heavens!) But the next dressing room […]

Fast Times At Your Very Own High

Have you ever noticed how little things have changed since high school? Remember the girl who knew more than anyone else, was always prepared for class and sucking up to the teachers? Remember the guy who always took contrarian positions on issues in class, ran for student council, but never got elected to anything? Remember the guy who always had […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Things Have Gotten Better?

So are things as bad as the politicians say they are or are we making progress? Enjoy Miss Craig McCartney’s hilarious take on the state of the States! You must watch the last 30 seconds for the answer! For more Craig McCartney goodness, be sure to visit www.letmesay.net. Also, be sure to like “Well Let Me Say This About That” […]

Civility 101

Far be it from me to instruct others on how to behave (well not that far), but some folks seem to need reminding of what their mothers taught them…assuming their mothers did not provide the inspiration for one of the characters on “Orange is the New Black.” Surely I am not the only one who is shocked at the open […]

Beyond Beyonce

Being one of those who could not care less about football, I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was being played last Sunday until two days before the game. I just knew that the Dallas Cowboys weren’t going to play in it, and I wasn’t having a party. Not that I’m a big fan of the Cowboys, I’m just a […]

The Way We Were

The other day I watched that old Streisand/Redford movie and remembered seeing it when it first came out. So I went tripping down Memory Lane, which is one of my favorite haunts. Back when I still thought Barbra was everything (and maybe I still do somewhere deep down), she asked if it was all so simple then. Well, Babs, it […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Winning Debates

Miss Craig McCartney, once again, correctly predicted the outcome of the 4th Republican Debate….sans Trump. Enjoy this Ms.Cleo-esk assessment of the state of the race and the debates!

You Say You Want A Revolution

My husband told me the other night that I’m a luddite. Karl was very pleased with himself because he first had to explain what he had just called me. That was more irritating than the label. Technically, I’m not a luddite, seeing as how I wasn’t around during the Industrial Revolution, but I am resistant to technological change. Neither my […]

The Oscar “Race”

Oops! They did it again. And we must boycott the Oscars. Clearly, homophobia is a problem within the 94% white, 76% male Academy (average age:  63). Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara get Oscar nominations for playing lesbians in “Carol” while Sarah Paulson gets snubbed for the same movie. Ms. Paulson is a lesbian, playing a lesbian, and we cannot have […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Feel The What?

Just a few weeks until the first votes of 2016 will be cast. After two debates, where candidates mixed it up and entertained us, Miss Craig McCartney has a few thoughts to get off his chest.