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Help Us, Rhonda

The coming of a new year has usually brought the prospect of positive renewal.  But I must confess, I’m not feeling it this time around. Looking for inspiration or at least trying not to be redundant, I went back to New Year’s columns of the past to see if I could strip-mine something meaningful.  A couple of them made me […]

The Best of 2022

Brothers and Sisters, I have prayed about how the Lord spoke through me this year and feel the need to share with you what I believe to be my best stories of 2022, in chronological order by month.  I’ll leave to each of your own prayer lives to decide your favorite. January.  Brothers and Sister, I must confess that I […]

Antarctica. Argentina. Ass.

I have been away on an extended mission trip.  Let us return to these issues at hand. Antarctica.  I have just returned from my most distant mission trip to date.  I traveled to Antarctica where I ministered to many souls, as well as various wildlife.  The Lord saw fit to show me visions of climate change as I trudged through […]

A Lesson About Insurance

Insurance is a funny thing, isn’t it?  Basically, we’re placing a bet that something bad will happen, and the insurance company is betting that it won’t.  As with most betting games, the odds are with the house whether it’s a casino, a brokerage firm or a company that presents itself with “good hands” or being like a “good neighbor.”  The […]

Kaftan Krazy

The arrival of puberty is life-changing for everyone, and how that change manifests is dependent on the individual.  One of the signs that something was afoot for me was when my interest in magazines went from Tiger Beat and Photoplay to GQ. It wasn’t just that the clothes were fabulous and appealed to my budding gay sensibility.  The impossibly beautiful […]

Whose Circus Is It Anyway?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, this is a good time to get a mindset on how to approach what is shaping up to be an interesting couple of months with Christmas coming in the big middle of it all. “Don’t complain, don’t explain” are still pretty good words to live by, and I wrote about the difficulty of doing just […]

Too Soon?

After telling an insensitive and usually tasteless joke about some recent event, the stand-up comedian asks “Too soon?” when the audience groans.  Anticipating a similar reaction on social media, someone posts “Too soon?” at the top of a meme.  Well, if you have to ask… Not that long ago, one of the safe topics for small talk, along with the […]

Woke, Water & Wesley.

Awaken ye to the dry lands of unity. Woke. There is much banter about the use of the term “woke” in these present times. While the liberals use it proudly as a badge of honor, fine Christian conservatives mock the term as an insult. The Lord has called on me to do some further research into this phenomenon. In its current usage, being […]

Who’s Up, Who’s Down

Well, they’re still counting votes across the country, particularly in Arizona and Nevada, so it is unclear at this writing which party will have control in both houses of Congress. Control might be the wrong word to describe having a majority of seats, as the last two Republican speakers of the House could attest. Having followed Daddy’s admonishment that those who […]

Elections, Ejections & Erections.

The results are in……..sort of. Elections.  There’s got to be a morning after, as Sister McGovern so beautifully sang.  However, much like the film from which it came, life seems upside down.  As a Texas Babatist, I am observing my fellow faith followers rejoicing in the victories of their political saints.  Yet many here are rending their clothing and gnashing their […]