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Condemnation, Conference & Confusion.

Lord, we beseech Thee! Condemnation.  What a time it’s been here in Texas.  First, it was the failure of our electrical grid due in no small part to mismanagement by our Governor.  Now, our trusty Governor has decided to roll back all mask mandates and open all businesses to 100%.  This in spite of the fact that Texas is 48th […]

It’s Just A Jab To The Left

After beginning to think I had been lost in the shuffle, I received an email from UT Southwestern Medical Center “inviting” me to enroll in MyChart, which I did with fingers flying on the keyboard like I was still competing in a typing contest.  I was hoping against hope that this would get me the ticket to that first vaccine […]

Ted. Taken. Taxes

Prayers are offered and answered. Ted.  My state senator, Brother Ted Cruz, will go to any lengths to keep his name in the papers.  His recent pleasure trip to visit the Mexicans while the rest of us were suffering through a deregulated electric industry gone awry was ill-conceived at best.  And the number of times his excuses and stories changed […]

The Week The Lights Went Out In Texas

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  So Socrates supposedly said at his trial for impiety and corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens, crimes for which he was convicted and sentenced to death. Now I don’t know about all that, but I do know a thing or two about pondering one’s life and the vast network of relationships […]

Football, Flynt & Frozen.

Cold hard fact from my warm heart. Football.  Many of you are aware of my support of the ministry of brother J.J. Watt in Houston Texas. Brother Watt has been a very visible member of Houston’s professional football team, and he showed true Christian Mercy after the disaster of hurricane Harvey in that great city. His benevolence and mission outreach […]

Pattern Behavior

Mother and Daddy were friends with a couple when I was growing up that I’ll call Vern and Fran.  Vern was one of those tall and tanned East Texas men who looked like he could go bear hunting with a switch.  Fran, who was petite enough to fit her shoulder under his arm, had a pixie cut hair style that […]

Change Is Gonna Do Me Good

We had the official Groundhog Day this week, with all the attendant prognosticating about the weather that comes with it, as if Punxsutawney Phil were the Al Roker of the subterranean rodent world.  He returned to his burrow, indicating six more weeks of winter, as if that matters to those of us who have been living in Bill Murray’s Groundhog […]

GameStop, Gay & Greene

Be ye aware of the stirrings in this land. GameStop.  The moneychangers are being run out of the temple once again.  Those high and mighty who run hedge funds (which I always thought was a landscaping account) are losing their custom shirts at the hands of some adventurous penny-wise underlings.  Can you believe that these big money people actually make […]

Politics & Pinochle

Policy.  Politics.  Process.  Power.  If governance in the United States were a card game, these would be the suits.   In the second week of an administration in which the Democrats hold the White House and both Congressional houses (by slim margins), we can see how these four suits get played by both parties in their ongoing struggle.  Rest assured that […]

Lies, Lust & Last

Perversity is all around us in varying forms. Lies.  I am quite dismayed at so many stories coming out in the news about apparent perverse lies which Brother Trump was telling during his reign.  Lies about the Crayola virus.  Lies about voting irregularities.  Lies about election outcomes.  Lies about his hair.  One media source says that he lied 30573 times […]