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There’s A New Club In Town

Some of my favorite movies are stories about the relationships between women in groups.  Steel Magnolias, The First Wives Club, and A Letter to Three Wives fit into this genre, as well as the more simply named The Group and The Women.   The nexus for these associations may be rooted in college friendships or living in the same town.  Or […]

Carving. Communication. Commandment.

Scripture is our guide this week. Carving.  I am simply aghast at the links our esteemed president will go to extend his legacy. It has been revealed to all that brother Don reached out to the government of the state of South Dakota to inquire about having his own image carved into Mount Rushmore. I believe we as citizens should […]

Simulation of Life

Leaning on the everlasting arms may make one safe and secure from all alarms, but sometimes we need an infusion of something just a bit higher up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. As the weeks have turned into months, I find myself employing an old pattern of seeking to get from the movies what is missing from real life. What […]

A Domestic Surprise or Two

Even after 38 years, Karl sometimes surprises me. Not like sending me flowers or bringing me candy surprises, but the occasional surprise choice. Last weekend, we were retiring to the den to eat dinner and watch a movie. I had recently recorded two movies I wanted to see again, one that I hadn’t seen in a very long time that […]

Actress. Answer. Aroma.

Let us gather in remembrance and roses this week. Actress.  Lord, the angel of death has been moving amongst the famous.  Golden Age actress, Olivia de Havilland passed on in her sleep this past weekend at the advanced age of 104.  She must have been a true woman of God for the Lord to give her such a long life.  […]

The Southern Code

Since someone let the cat out of the bag about the blessing of hearts in the South not having a thing in the world to do with blessing anything, it may be time to articulate some other Southern code employed by many folks down here that means something a little different than what it sounds like on the surface.   It […]

Propriety, Prayer & Portraits

I beseech thee, behold these words of truth. Propriety.  These apocalyptic days of pandemic panic are resulting in unprecedented changes in daily life. Recently, this great country‘s largest retailer issued an edict that all patrons of its establishment outposts be required to wear facial masks in an effort to curb Crayolavirus infections. I would like to applaud the fine people […]

You’re Fired, Or Maybe Not

Donald Trump isn’t doing very well with the polls.  Not to be confused with the Poles, which I generally skip over in favor of “Polish.”   Not to be confused with “polish,” of which both my nails and my furniture have desperate need.   Rather I’m talking about those polls, released these days with much fanfare and “Breaking News” banners, that […]

DeVos. Da Cross. Da Loss.

I’m a little wordy this week, but the Lord has been speaking through me. DeVos.  Let us begin with scripture.  Matthew 19:14, where Jesus said (in red letters) “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  I have yet to find any version of the Bible where this is translated as “Let the little children come to suffer.”  And yet […]

Skating Around Stupid

“Mama says, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’”  My daddy liked to say, “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”  The fictional Mrs. Gump and the quite real Mr. McCartney were probably kindred spirits. Many of us were taught that “stupid” was a bad word and should never be […]