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The Winner Takes It All

My family loved to play games.  Board games, card games, any kind of game.  And every one of us wanted to win. Granted, Mother preferred partnership games where she didn’t have to try so hard, depending on her other half to do the heavy lifting, while Daddy enjoyed setting your bid or dropping the queen of spades on you almost […]

The 701 Club Feb 19 2020

Besame, Banana & Bahamas

Let us take to our knees, Brothers and Sister. Besame.  Conservative stalwart, Brother Rush Limbaugh, has been getting his fair share of press lately.  First, his unfortunate cancer diagnosis.  Second, receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Trump.  And finally, his recent harangue on the prospect of a sodomite President saying “besame mucho” (that’s Mexican) in public with his potential […]

Vogue. Venerable. Vermin.

Lots of Hollywood trash to discuss, so let’s make like the Speaker of the House and tear into it. Vogue.  The apex of televised Hollywood excess has now passed with Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards.  I have to watch just to take note of specific ills worth a retrospective warning.  As always, what passes as glamorous attire amazes me.  […]

Outrageous Redux

Well, the outrage warriors are at it again.  As usual, it starts with one thing about which some folks get upset, then some other folks get upset about the folks that got upset in the first place, followed by name calling and some of us—still tired from the last round—reaching for a bottle of Geritol. It’s daily now.  Sunday saw […]

Avocados, Asses & Anointing

I am still in prayer about Sunday’s gridiron spectacle, but here’s what the Lord has revealed to me so far. Avocados.  I am gobsmacked that companies pay millions of dollars to place 30 seconds of commercial drivel during the football festivities.  What a waste.  Especially when one reflects on the content of these frivolous displays.  Yes, some were touching, some […]

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Once again, it’s that time of the week when I sit down in front of the keyboard with some hot coffee in one of my favorite mugs and try to connect the dots of what’s going on in the world.  But this time, my thinking is pretty scattered, or at least more so than usual. My mind seems to be […]

Music, Missions & Michigan

I had to take last week off, but am refreshed to attack today’s news. Music.  In my continuing ministry relating to Hollyweird awards programs, I must offer prayerful commentary on the latest display of filth, the Grammy Awards.  Let me be up front that I did not view this particular parade of debauchery, so my commentary is informed by reports […]

Prose & Contests

When an exasperated Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford said, “Why must everything be a contest?” in Mommie Dearest, she was only complaining about the recalcitrant Christina refusing to eat her meat.  How quaint when one considers the contests fate has in store for those of us, beleaguered as we are, in February.  First up is this football game which, super […]

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Did you catch the latest installment in the Democratic Presidential Debates?  I didn’t.  Netflix has spoiled me for watching any series that I can’t binge watch, plus I am allowed to drop out anywhere along the way when I lose interest. When the first debates were held last June, there was interest a-plenty, even with an unwieldy field of candidates (a couple of […]

Monarchy, Moon, Mother

Let us pray for these earthly and heavenly concerns. Monarchy.  Apparently, royal status isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (unless, of course, if one is King of Kings).  The ginger offspring of the House of Windsor (I see no ginger DNA), Brother Prince Harry, has decided he doesn’t want to play in the royal sandbox anymore, and has announced […]

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