Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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On a Scale From One to Ten

Even to me, it seems like gay people are everywhere these days.  You can’t swing a cat (not that you should, not you should) without hitting one.  It’s not that homosexuality is occurring more frequently these days, it’s just that more and more individuals have chosen not to live in the closet, regardless of where on the spectrum they might […]

Guns, Guns, Guns.

I’m virtually speechless after this past weekend. Guns.  Just………. Guns.  Stop…….. Guns.  It.

Democratic Pot Luck Debates

A few years back, it fell to me to arrange the seating at a donor appreciation dinner for which there would be four tables of eight.  Taking the guest list, I split the couples and assigned places, keeping an eye on having one half of each couple at the table for the guest of honor, for whom the donations had […]

Sequestered, Sequins & Sequels

My column this week is right on Q. Sequestered.  The beasts of the sea are getting cranky.  There were not one, but TWO shark attacks off the eastern coast of Florida this past weekend.  Who exactly is spilling chum in the water to attract these creatures?  And why are they seemingly confusing people for fish?  These are questions I simply […]

Fizzlers & Sizzlers

Those who were expecting fireworks from the Mueller testimony at this week’s Congressional hearings got lots of fizzle and precious little sizzle.  The reluctant former special counsel stuck to his plan of staying inside the four corners of the report that bears his name. And clearly, those corners were “correct,” “I can’t speak to that,” “outside my purview” and “I […]

Mission, Minister & Mindless

From the earth to the heavens, opportunities for prayer are all around us this week. Mission. Fifty years ago this past weekend, our country completed a foreign mission trip which surpassed all others. With the help of many very smart people, and a host of love offerings, a spaceship delivered three men to the surface of the moon. Alas, there was no one […]

Playing Catch Up

Where do I start?  Since our last klatch, it was my turn to catch up on, shall we say, unpleasant flying experiences.  There was the three-hour delay, which I wouldn’t have minded so much if we hadn’t been sent from terminal to terminal and gate to gate (six changes in all) while the airline tried to find a plane that […]

Texts, Texas & Technology

There are so many shades of darkness in this world this week. Texts.  In the dark of my bedroom, I prayed for our President last night like any good Christian would do.  In fact, I had a brief text exchange with our Lord and Savior on His holy Twitter account.  The big JC is such a card.  After discussing my […]

Flights, Floods & Flesh

Wisdom inhabits the faithful.  Just not this week. Flights.  I’ve been reflecting on some of my favorite stories in the Bible.  Particularly the stories relating to the birth of our Lord.  I love the part where the three kings presented gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby.  Let us recount from scripture in Matthew 2:  “. . . […]

Trademarks, Tensions & Touches

I hope you’ll join me in praise for these items. Trademarks. The Supreme Court has ruled on an interesting case. In the event that you missed this, the ruling was in favor of a clothing company called FUCT. Said company had been denied trademark because of a similar pronunciation to the past tense of another word. With the SCOTUS ruling, FUCT is still in […]