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Humiliation, American Style

According to my old friend, Miss Merriam Webster, the definition of humiliate is “to reduce (someone) to a lower position in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes:  to make (someone) ashamed or embarrassed.”  She lists disgrace, dishonor and discredit as synonyms, so it is fairly easy to understand why all those “dis” words have seemingly come together to make dis […]

The Unavoidable Binary

Once upon a time, commercial flying had a tinge of glamor to it.  Of course, that was back before all of the security measures were put in place, subjecting travelers to those scanning machines and pat downs, which under any other circumstance would be considered sexual assault. Part of that glamor was having a meal on the plane.  Of course, […]

Price, Purity & Peaches.

Thoughts and Prayers, People. Price.  I always try to remember the saints who pass on when I write this column.  I also have commented on a few sinners’ demise as well, but not this time.  Brother Bob Barker, a staple of wholesome television entertainment, was called home recently, just shy of his 100th birthday.  His early years of hosting the TV […]

Put To The Test

Even after all these years, I can recall how I felt when I finished taking my final college exam, knowing I had done well on it and feeling ten pounds lighter, back when I didn’t have ten pounds to spare.  And that test had been a humdinger. It was for a class in Shakespeare, and most of the small class […]

Surrender, Students & Sacrifice.

Lord, help Thou my grief over your people. Surrender.  When I think of the State of Georgia, I think gentility, Southern hospitality and lots of Babatists!  Some of the most famous Babatist churches have been in the Atlanta area and have spawned famous preachers.  It just does my heart good to reflect on this rich heritage.  Now, that fine State […]

And Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson

We’ve all had that experience of getting something stuck in our heads.  Usually, it’s a song of some sort, maybe one that was popular when we were back in high school or perhaps a jingle for those of us old enough to remember when cigarettes were advertised on television.  “You can take Salem out of the country, but…” Sometimes, Ethel […]

Sometimes Sweet Home Alabama

Years ago, Karl and I did a road trip from Dallas to Atlanta for one of his car conventions.  We decided to make it a driving tour of the South, and by that, I mean the Deep South.  Going through my old stomping grounds in East Texas, widely considered to be the westernmost part of the Deep South, we headed […]

The Real Stain

Just like many folks, I found out about the latest Trump indictment by turning on the television late Tuesday afternoon. For once the “Breaking News” chyron was justified as it blared “Trump Indicted for Third Time in Four Months.” Well, needless to say, my attention turned from putting clothes in the bag to be taken to the dry cleaners to […]

Laughter. Light. Labor.

Let us pray. Laughter.  Isn’t it interesting how some things from our childhood can give us the gift of laughter?  I often recall fun times in Vacation Bible School as a young person which cause me to smile.  Surprisingly, I often found myself amused by someone who made a career out of acting like a child for the sake of […]

Think Pink

It was in a very early part of my childhood that I first discovered the bittersweet ecstasy of doing what I wasn’t supposed to do with someone I wasn’t supposed to do it with, and that something being so unacceptable and so obviously wrong that no one had even bothered to say not to do it.  But doing it anyway, […]