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Thomas, Tupperware & Tibet.

Personal testimony begins our prayer time this week. Thomas.  Alas, I have a direct connection to a current issue in our country.  I have ministered to Brother Harlan Crow on several occasions here in Dallas when I have been with the rich and unafflicted.  Heretofore, I have had a good Christian relationship with Brother Crow and have brought much healing […]

At Last

Back when I was in college in Shreveport, there was a very attractive man of about thirty who was catnip to almost all the gay boys who were out and about in those days.  I say he was very attractive, but it was only in a very superficial way.  Because he knew he was good-looking and well-built, he was rather […]

Gwen, Madge & Vlad.

My prayers are people-centered this week.  Let us remember these. Gwen.  I watched with mild intrigue the recent trial involving Sister Gwyneth Paltrow.  When lawsuits between two rich people colliding while frolicking on the snowy slopes of unaffordable Utah resorts becomes newsworthy, I can only view it as entertainment rather than legal precedent.  Years ago, Brother Oral Roberts clipped my […]

The People On The Planet

Once upon a time, there was a planet that had no light. The People on the Planet lived in fear and dread of what would happen to them, as there were Those who were So Inclined to take advantage of the darkness to do awful things to the People on the Planet, and sometimes to each other.   So it was that […]

Exposure, Expending & Expenses.

I’m on a rampage AGAIN this week.  Join me in this justifiable anger. Exposure.  Let us turn our eyes to the confluence of art and education.  I believe that all children should be exposed to the art of biblically-related subject matter.  The painting of the Last Supper, the sculpture of Jesus with his Mama, or any version of a manger […]

Another Saturday Night, And There Ain’t No Indictment

Like virtually everything in life worth doing, writing a weekly column comes with some challenges.  Having the right story to write about can be something of a balancing act.  Timing can be everything.  If a big story breaks too soon, it can be played out by Thursday when I sit to write.  Everything worth saying would have already been said. […]

Vanity Fair

Well, Oscar has put another year of awards season to bed, and the event itself was mostly uneventful, at least by Oscar standards.  No one got booed, no one got all political, no one got slapped.   Karl is not much for the red carpet part of the evening, and changing to a champagne carpet didn’t interest him much either.  I, […]

Drama, Drag & Dresses.

I’m on a rampage this week.  Join me in this justifiable anger. Drama.  I am just bereft, BEREFT I tell you, over recent dramatic revelations at God’s Own Network, Fox News.  Precious Brother Tucker Carlson has been revealed to have spoken untruths about his faith in our former President.  While looking at all of us in the eye (of the […]


Many years ago, a group of us were at some type of gathering when the conversation turned to Rush Limbaugh, then the radio talk show host with the largest audience.  Forbes had recently reported that he was making $33,000,000 annually, just under $50,000,000 in today’s money. Viewing him as a provocateur, I asserted that there might be no limit to […]

The Women, Or At Least Some Of Them

Democrats can justifiably boast of the important women who rose from their ranks.  Nellie Taylor Ross was the first female governor in American history, elected in 1924 in Wyoming.  The list goes on to include Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris, each of whom notched up important firsts in politics for women. But the Republicans can lay claim to […]