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America Needs You, Quentin Tarantino

I can’t really say when I first became aware of the Romanovs, the ill-fated family that ruled Russia for over 300 hundred years and culminated in the person of Nicholas II, the last tsar of the dynasty.  It probably was when I saw Anastasia, a 1956 film which won Ingrid Bergman the second of her three Oscars and was a […]

Walls. Wonders. Women

I’m still giving thanks.  Consider these messages. Walls.  I recently saw a headline stating that presidential advisers say that Trump sees ‘the writing on the wall’ despite what he maintains publicly about the election.  The writing on the wall.  Brothers and Sisters, this phrase comes directly to us from Old Testament scripture, or as the Jews call it, the Bible.  […]

Corruption, Cabinets & Communing.

Let us give thanks for these prayer requests. Corruption.  I was alarmed to see a headline announcing that people over the age of 45 are at a greater risk of sexually transmitted infections. What does this corruption say about our society? Every fine Christian knows that no one has sex at that age. Apparently it is the unwashed and immoral […]

Thanksgiving In The Time Of COVID

Hopefully, I’ll be granted a little leeway this week as I’ve been paying precious little attention to the “news.” Folks are going to do what folks are going to do, and I can’t do a blasted thing about it. It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on, nor is it that I don’t know the gist of what’s happening. […]

Double, Double, Who’s In Trouble?

In a frustrating case of democratia interruptus, Election Day this year turned into Election Week, trying the patience of the whole country and a good number of interested foreign parties.  The delay seemed to heighten the insecurities of some (on both sides) while allowing time for the increasingly probable Trump loss to be understood. These days, an electoral mandate from […]

Duck, Dave & Double.

I had to take a week off.  But grateful to be back this week with the following words. Duck.  I don’t know about you, but the last 10 days have been trying, to say the least.  The Lord has blessed us with freedom to cast our votes for our elected leaders.  But after that, processing the votes is almost as […]

Do The Right Thing

Well boys and girls, Tuesday is Election Day in America or ‘Murica, depending on for whom one is voting.  This year, it seems we’ve had more of a voting season, what with early and mail-in balloting.  Lord, I’ve been voting since God was a boy, but I’ve never been quite this beat up about it. First, we’ve been admonished to […]

Pinch, Parade & Push.

I’m practically speechless this week.  Consider these concerns. Pinch.  I have been on my knees for Brother Rudy Giuliani in light of his recent appearance on film showing much effort in trying to keep his attire neat and tidy. I have witnessed my pastor, who has put on the pounds lately, struggle with keeping his shirttail appropriately intact. I am […]

Roll With The Rhythm

Back when hair was never too big and shoulders were padded to look like linebackers, I worked in the real world.  That is, if the corporate world is real.  At that time, it sometimes fell to me to prepare a cost-benefit analysis to recommend or determine the best approach to addressing a specific business need.   While those days are long […]

Vanish. Video. Vexing.

Miracles are still happening all around us. Vanish.  I am consistently amazed at the miraculous powers that our esteemed President has been given. He has been prophesying that the Crayola virus would vanish. While his timeline on this action has been iffy at best, his certainty of such vanishing is resolute. The Lord and I have been in fervent conversation […]