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Wearing White

Before the days of personal shoppers and professional stylists, there was a person known as the saleslady.  She could be found in the ladies department of virtually every shop and department store above the level of Sears or Penney’s .  When there were new arrivals of dresses or shoes, she would judiciously put back, in the appropriate size, any offerings […]

Crass. Christian. Christo.

I must find ways to lift us all up in these trying days. Crass.  I these days of social distancing, there seem to be as many opinions of how to do so as there are people.  However, I have been made aware of one group’s crass concerns upon which I simply must comment.  Nudists.  Nudists are having to re-think how […]

A Little Proust, Tennyson & Susan Hayward

My daily routine isn’t exactly structured and certainly not particularly interesting.  This morning was no different.  With the first cup of coffee in hand, I went outside to sit and check into the world.  Reflexively, I picked up my phone to see if anything crazy enough to warrant writing about had happened.  Fortunately, I thought better of it and put […]

Prayers, Pews & Pools

My faith is challenged more and more these days. Prayers.  The Lord’s faithful are being tested to great consternation.  I was particularly bereaved by a local mayor/Church of Christ pastor here in Texas whose recent proclamation on prayer tested my restraint of pen and tongue.  When asked if a group of Christian youth could attend and pray at a city […]

And Now For Something Completely Different

The algorithms that determine what shows up on my social media feed (which is to say Facebook, as I don’t do any of the others) are a mystery to me.  I don’t know how they determine who shows up at the top or even who gets an appearance way down after scrolling. This last week, one of those sponsored things […]

Miss, Mammon, Morbid.

Each week, I am given an opportunity to bear witness to current events.  Behold. Miss.  They say that beauty never dies, but that was put to the test this past week with the death of Sister Phyllis George.  As a Texas pageant queen, her wholesome beauty and talent elevated her to Miss America in 1971.  Followed by a career in […]

Scary Stories For A Thousand, Alex

Even before seeing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? for the first time, I’ve always loved a good horror story.  Even some that aren’t that good, so long as they fit into what has been dubbed the psycho-biddy subgenre of film.   What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? generated ten times its budget at the box office and got one Oscar […]

Donald, Dallas & Duos

Speaking to you from behind a mask which does not prevent wisdom from escaping. Donald.  The crayolavirus response at the House of White has been lacking in its example to the American people.  Our leader believes that he is invincible (Lincoln and Kennedy are on line 1) and therefore needs take no precaution.  Now that the virus has waltzed into […]

The Poseidon Misadventure

Main streets across America have different names.  Fifth Avenue in New York, Chicago has State Street (that great street), and Dallas has plain old Main Street.  As for my hometown, Tyler has Broadway, which conjured up in my gay boy mind a more glamorous thoroughfare, even though it was technically—and ironically—U. S. 69. The biggest and nicest movie theater in […]

Heartfelt. Hornets. Hollywood.

I may have a mask on, but my lips shall still confess! Heartfelt.  Former President George W. Bush issued a video this past week as a panacea for the current American condition.  It was heartfelt, compassionate and comforting.  When our land is being comforted by a heretofore regarded Texas yahoo, I must repeat that we prepare the way of the […]