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A Revoltin’ Development

Karl and I watch a premeasured amount of nightly news to avoid the unending cable networks’ loop of beating the last breaking story to death until the next one surfaces.  At this point, I say, “This is where we came in,” signaling it is time to turn off the television and call it a night.   Usually, this is occurs without […]

Bridge. Brittany. Brief.

Let the women of scripture look down on these concerns. Bridge.  First, let us grieve for Sister Naomi Judd, a fine Christian woman and musician who passed from this earthly life.  While I may never know the circumstances of her journey to Heaven, I have long lifted her up in prayer for her fight with the devil of the mind […]

Funny Girls & Boys

Usually, paying too much attention to what critics say about a book, movie, or even a performance is a waste of time.  At best, reviews are one informed person’s opinion about an artistic endeavor.  At worst, they are uninformed and unformed diatribes by those who can’t writing about those who do, while trying to pass off cruel snark as wit. […]

Fashion, Faces & Fairies.

Oh my! Fashion.  He is Risen!  I am renewed and rejuvenated after celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and ‎‎Savior this past Sunday.  I saw so few familiar faces at church, as the pews were filled with the ‎‎C&E Christians who only attend twice a year.  Moreover, this is also the Sunday when fashions ‎‎turn to more colorful hues and […]

Duality or Dichotomy – Which Is It?

Mrs. Kimbrough was my very first English teacher.  Before that there was Reading in elementary school and Language Arts in junior high, with teachers to go with them.  But in ninth grade, the class was finally called English I, and the fairly formidable Mrs. Kimbrough was at the helm. Some teachers are quite redoubtable, using the tools readily at their […]

Ginni. General. Jenner.

Offering conservative thoughts this week. Ginni.  I am so grateful for Godly women like Sister Ginni Thomas.  She is so faithful to her husband and his duties on the highest court in the land.  Beyond that, her love for her country knows no bounds.  One might just say that she has no boundaries.  Her recently discovered actions toward a full […]

I Remember Mother

Toward the end of that first year in Dallas after finishing college, I had a brief live-in relationship with a fellow named Sam. It lasted just long enough for him to be invited to go to Tyler for Thanksgiving, but short enough that I had moved out with Bogie, my Pomeranian and everything in that apartment but the ice cubes well […]

SCOTUS. Screeching. Scrotum

Disgusting. Just disgusting. SCOTUS. I have been in prayer for Sister Ketanji Brown Jackson. Lately, every person nominated to the Supreme Court has been subject to questioning of biblical proportions before affirmation. KBJ was certainly no exception. However, I would like to recognize her fortitude in the face of some blithering commentary. Proving that we women can handle more thrown […]

Alias Smith & Rock

Now that some time has passed since the bitch-slap at the Oscars seen around the world (and without censorship in some countries, thank goodness), I’m ready to chime in, too. All the obvious observations have already been made, of course.  The joke wasn’t funny, it was tasteless, Chris Rock’s humor is bullying, and so forth.  Violence is not an appropriate […]

Elegance, Eloquence & Elephants.

Oscar was particularly noteworthy this year.  Just a few comments here. Elegance. Clearly, these overpaid celebrities are given a budget for clothing. I mean, all these tarted up women in designer clothes seem to have enough. I really don’t think those gowns come from Target. It’s amazing what a lengthy career will buy you. However, one attendee apparently hasn’t made quite enough money to […]