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Losing My Religion

As many of you know, my religious life started by being brought up in the Southern Baptist church, but with a side dish of Methodism from Mother.  By the time I went off to college, I had figured out two things—I was gay, and I wasn’t a Baptist.  By the way, those two things are not mutually exclusive. So off […]

Lies, Lysol & Lyrics

The L Words. Lies.  The media continues to barrage our President and Vice-President with accusations of lies.  Shame on them!  Why would our elected leaders lie to us?  Alas, after counsel with some members of my church, I had to leave open the possibility that some untruths have been uttered from some leaves on the executive branch.  Rumor has it […]

My Little Experiment

Being fortunate enough to be one of those people during this pandemic that is only being called upon to stay home and socially distance, I have undertaken a little experiment.   Naturally, I wasn’t going to use this “time” to learn a language or an instrument, write a novel, or take up portrait painting in the style of John Singer Sargent.  […]

Enclosures, Environment & Excitement

Reaching out to each of you from the safety of my own home. Enclosures. In our midst, there are those acting as church leaders who are rising up in dissent in order to bring their flocks together in one enclosed space for public displays of holiness, exposing all present to a multitude of oral spray due to self-indulgent spoken prayer.  Let’s […]

On & On & On

With this week marking the 108th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic and my using old movies as part of my staying sane while sheltering in place strategy, I naturally thought that revisiting the cinematic Titanic would be timely.   Now I didn’t watch the Rose and Jack show of twenty-odd years ago.  It’s entertaining, I suppose, if you can get past the silly shipboard romance, a collection […]

This Week In A Nutshell

Wednesday morning, I tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom after sliding into my house slippers.  Around the house, I wear those traditional Daniel Green dormie slippers that every meemaw in the South used to have.  Being gay, however, I have them in a variety of colors to go with the revolving kaftans. I was half way to […]

Empress. Easter. Elijah.

Let us gather in virtual prayer over these matters. Empress.  God save Betty Windsor.  The royal empress of the UK made one of her revered broadcast remarks this past weekend to address her subjects on the pandemic facing the world.  It was austere, compassionate and reassuring that all will make it through these dark times and beauty will return.  Lucky Brits […]

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Wednesday of this week marked the first time I left the house in 19 days.  Unlike many who get cabin fever, I have felt no overwhelming urge to go anywhere.  Plus, with a husband and two nephews with me, it hasn’t been necessary for me to venture out into what I had begun to imagine as a post-apocalyptic world. My […]

Stimulus. Stir. Status.

Let us gather in virtual prayer over these matters. Stimulus.  Manna from Heaven!  Our esteemed leader has signed an Act which will send money to any citizen who made less than a certain amount of money over the past couple of years.  While it would be easy for me to decry this as socialism, there are many of the poor […]

A Few of my Favorite Things

Having fallen into a YouTube hole, it’s necessary to stick my head up and start writing this column without a single idea about what it will be about.   Fats Domino was walking to New Orleans a minute ago, and now Little Richard is singing to me about Lucille.  With nothing coming to my mind to say, the pretty boy has […]