Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Read: Columnists

Fave Five: Food for the Soul, Tummy & Eyes

My Fave Fives for this week are good to the soul, the stomach, the heart and the eyes…especially the eyes. Jordan Bach Motivational, inspirational, hot. Those words, not necessarily in that order, are easily the three most accurate adjectives to describe spiritual guru Jordan Bach. You may know him from Logo’s “Secret Guide to Fabulous” or maybe just from his […]

Fave Five: Cuties, Classics, Traffic & Trolls

Crushes come and go, but socks are forever. Wait, that’s not right. Maybe it’s classic movies I’m thinking of. Sure, let’s go with that…and all my other faves of the week. Michael Urie I’m crushing so hard on Michael Urie these days. He’s adorable, funny, quirky and sooo cute. (Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a tween girl.) […]

Fave Five: Looking Good, Smelling Good & Feeling Sunny

Earlier this year, my friend Kim got me started on asking my children every day: “What was your favorite thing today?” It’s sort of like a verbal gratitude journal that helps us focus on positive things and our good fortune in life. In that spirit, here are some of my favorite things of the week. Caitlyn Jenner This is one of my […]

Let Me Say This About That

Yesterday, I met up with my dear friend Craig at a local Mexican joint here in Dallas for lunch. We were seated at 12:30 and, after what I thought was just an hour or two of fun conversation, I looked at my watch and realized it was 5:10 – and I needed to pick up my perfect, adorable children within […]

Letterman, Leprechauns & Lewdness

So much for us to be on our knees about, Brothers and Sisters. Let us turn our hearts in prayer to the news of the week. David Letterman: The dark lord of late night television, Brother Gap Tooth Letterman, has ended his ministry. I’d like to note that Brother Letterman spent 33 years on television. Jesus was 33 when he […]

The Struggle Is Real(ly Beautiful)

Being gay is really hard. Between keeping up the impeccably decorated home and whipping up gourmet bites on the fly when guests drop in, the struggle is real, y’all…not to mention those of us with kids. Even though they’re the best-behaved, best-dressed children on Planet Earth, it’s still work. So, sometimes we have to let things go – like flower […]

Waco, Weirdos & A Whacko

These are End Times, Brothers and Sisters.  Join me in praying about these recent current events. [dropcap style=”square”]Waco[/dropcap]I received much of my inspirational training at the Great Institution, Jerusalem on the Brazos, known to most sinners as Baylor University. The downside of studying the Word at this sanctified space is having to live in the hell hole of Waco, Texas. […]

Lawsuits, Listeria & American Losers

Let us join as one, Brothers and Sisters, as we revisit this week’s top stories and editorial filth. Mid America Legalism: God bless Sister Sylvia Ann Driskell, God’s Ambassador in Nebraska. This fine Christian woman has filed suit in U.S. District Court of Omaha against ALL homosexuals. I am not a lawyer, so I have been unable to ascertain the […]

Royal Births, Women Candidates & Christian Camp

The Lord has revealed immense truths to me this week, my dear readers.  May these words be a blessing to you today. Royal Baby: Brother Billy Windsor and his lovely bride, Kate, have revealed the fruits of their latest royal fornication and have brought into this world a baby girl. What a blessing indeed. And to celebrate the couple’s love […]

Bruce Jenner, Attorney General & Ted Cruz

Children of the ministry! Prepare yourselves for this week’s Christian perspective on the news around us. Be ye armed with the truth…or at least my version of it. Praise! Bruce Jenner: I joyfully recall the halcyon days of patriotism which followed the 1976 Olympics. It was a bicentennial year for this mighty country and the spirit of red white and […]