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The 701 Club: Reforming, Reveling & Resurrecting

As sinners everywhere dry out from their 4th of July debauchery, let us consider these sobering thoughts. Reforming: History repeating itself. In 1776, the Brits really got their panties in a wad when a group chose to leave the monarchy and establish a new country which we call America. Now, 240 years later, another group of people have voted to […]

Clutch Pearls

Well, it is official. I’ve now heard from friends in all three political camps that they will be holding their noses and voting for either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump. And, since this is 2016, that doesn’t mean that I talked to them in all cases…just that they’ve posted their dissatisfaction on Facebook. There are Democrats who supported Senator Sanders […]

The Kids Take Over Cooped Up

On this episode of #CoopedUp…Lord only knows! My kids took over and my (not so) inner stage mom came out. Plentiful “y’alls” guaranteed.

Abortion, Apology & Apocalypse

I have been steeped in study of the book of Revelation and have come to the conclusion that signs of the end times are all around us. Prayerfully consider these things, Brothers and Sisters. Abortion: A huge loss for the Christian Army. Brother Roberts and the Supremes have invoked the wrath of all things Christian by striking down the restrictive abortion […]

Gun Crazy

Doing a weekly column means being on the lookout for something to write about pretty much all the time. When Donald Trump said that it “would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight” if someone had shot back at the killer in Orlando, I thought to myself…”I’ve got this.” Never mind that nothing one might witness during a mass murder would […]

Blue Apron & Back Pain

On yet another riveting episode of CoopedUp! – also known as “Cooper says y’all endlessly while unpacking Blue Apron” and “damn, he has good hair” – I talk about cooking, Father’s Day, the Ticketmaster settlement (did you get your free tickets?!), Bengay & back pain #gettingold, and of course…my beloved cheap wine.

The 701 Club: Reality, Richard & Rebirth

With so much sadness in our world, I dedicate myself this week to staying light hearted. I pray that you are blessed with these thoughts this week. Reality: Well just gag me. I pride myself in basing my ministry here in Dallas, Texas. However, that Jewish impresario, Andy Cohen, just HAD to start another franchise of his “reality” show, REAL HOUSEWIVES, […]

The First Time (Or Two)

There’s been so much talk since Orlando about the role that gay bars play and have played as a safe and welcoming space for LGBT folks over the years.  In that vein, I thought a light hearted remembrance might be in order. Anybody who grew up in Texas knows that emancipation does not occur at 18 or even 21—emancipation is […]

The 701 Club: Tragedy, Trump & Tonys

Grief has washed over our land in these past days. May the Lord bless my efforts at levity to soothe our suffering. Tragedy: May we all pause for a moment of prayer and reflection for our brothers and sisters who senselessly lost their lives in Orlando this past weekend. My ministry cannot reverse such tragedy, but I know this will […]

My Circus Room – Yes, You Read That Correctly

In previous videos, I’ve casually mentioned that we have a “Circus Room” in our house, complete with a big top tent, stages (plural) and clown murals. A bunch of y’all have asked for a tour…and who am I to not give you what you want?! Enjoy the craziness while it lasts – it’s all being torn out very soon.