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The 701 Club: Babies, Baseball & Bieber

Gather round all ye peoples and read these inspired thoughts on the world around us. Babies: Let us gather in prayer for the Repugnicant candidates for President. After their most recent televised debates, they were all up in arms about unfair and unorganized questioning on the part of the media. Such babies! Yet, they have a point. There does need […]

Who’s Afraid Of Little Ole Me?

Old habits die hard. For as long as I can remember, I’ve listened to debates and speeches with an ear tuned to what the politicians of the day would or would not say about gay folks and our issues. For three decades, I pricked up my ears to hear what would be said about AIDS, gays in the military, constitutional […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Have Several Seats

Miss Craig McCartney gives a follow-up to the Uncle Joe video from two weeks ago and has a few things to say to the mainstream media! Prepare yourself for an analysis we can all get behind…no matter your politics. For more Craig McCartney goodness, be sure to visit www.letmesay.net. Also, be sure to like “Well Let Me Say This About […]

The 701 Club: Benghazi, Binging & Boo!

Join me in prayer, Brothers and Sisters, as we reflect on this week in the world. Benghazi: Poor Hillary Clinton. She has been given the amazing power to wad people’s panties very tightly. Many fine Christian people watched the Benghazi hearings expecting to see Sister Clinton vilified in a barrage of damning questions and accusations. On the contrary, the inquisitors […]

The 701 Club: Debates, Degenerates & Disrobing

I’ve waded through the muck and filth of this week’s news so you don’t have to. Here is my cleansed outlook on all of it. Debates: Lest I be accused of showing political favoritism, let us turn our eyes to the spectacle of debating Demoncrats this past week. Chiefly, let us consider Brother Sanders and Sister Clinton. I am fully […]

The Importance Of Being Earnest

Did you all watch the debate this week? Most Americans didn’t, so I had to ask. Here’s what you missed—such as it was. Jim Webb, former Senator from Virginia, had the loveliest deep voice on the stage. Unfortunately for him, he got the least amount of time of any candidates, and he spent too much of that little time complaining […]

The 701 Club: Columbus, Cancer & Coke

It’s been a slow news week, Brothers and Sisters. But, I’m never at a loss for words of comfort and wisdom. May these thoughts be a blessing to you. Columbus: Americans across this great country celebrated Columbus Day this week. Banks were closed. Mail service suspended. Government workers were idle…legally. All this to recognize an Italian who convinced some Queen […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Uncle Joe

Miss Craig McCartney is all fired up about Joe Biden and whether he’s running or not for President. For more Craig McCartney goodness, be sure to visit www.letmesay.net. Also, be sure to like “Well Let Me Say This About That” on Facebook. Craig will be back next week with another installment.

Old Home Weekend

I can’t write about the news this week; it’s a repeat from the week before. And the week before that. Just plain tedious. I think I’ll write about my high school reunion last weekend. Let’s channel my inner James Joyce and see what happens. Sentence fragments and all. Lunching on Friday with a dear friend at a restaurant which had […]

The 701 Club: Meetings, Massacres & Mammaries

Hear ye, Hear ye, all ye who are heavy laden with the weight of the world. Let me lift your burden with these opines on all things current. Meetings: I have HAD IT with all this news about the Catholics! I couldn’t care less with whom the Pope did or did not have a meeting. Poor pitiful Sister Kim Davis […]