Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Planned Parenthood, Patriots & Peanuts

In the midst of a weekend of thankfulness, I have been on my knees about the following things. Join me in prayer, won’t you? Planned Parenthood: As a Christian of the highest order, many would assume that I am rejoicing over the recent melee at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. That assumption would be incorrect. While I do not favor […]

The 701 Club: Hello, Handsome & Holiday

My ministry never sleeps. Awaken, ye Sinners, to this week’s blessings and offerings of praise. Hello: I keep hearing about this young woman singer who goes by the name of Adele. Poor thing must have come from a poor family to not even have a last name, but I digress. I have heard her voice and will admit it is […]

An American In Paris

Ever since the horrific attacks in Paris, I have seen so many Facebook posts showing concern for the French, in general, and Parisians, in particular, and felt rather flummoxed about how I should show my own support. I don’t look good in multi-colored vertical stripes, so that Facebook app thing on your profile picture didn’t seem right. So, I decided […]

The 701 Club: Paris, Texas & The World

It has been a week of trials and tribulations. Let us join our hearts as one over these words of comfort and caution from my ministry. Paris: I have been in prayer so long this weekend about Paris, my knees are FLAT! I fear that attacks like these are biblical in proportion and interpretation, and are signs of our Last […]

Well, Let Me Say This About That Deportation

The first taping after the 4th Republican/Fox Business Debate aka Snooze Fest. Miss Craig McCartney throws support to one particular republican candidate….with one proviso. For more Craig McCartney goodness, be sure to visit www.letmesay.net. Also, be sure to like “Well Let Me Say This About That” on Facebook. Craig will be back next week with another installment.

We Need A Little Christmas Now

So far, 2015 has been the year of ongoing outrage. From Aaron Schock to Indiana bakers, Hillary’s emails to Trump’s wall, all the way to Kim Davis’ blue jumper to Houston’s bathroom phobia, I have zigged and zagged with the scandals and controversies, trying hard to find the energy to be outraged about every twist and turn in the road. […]

The 701 Club: Carson, Cups & Cents

The Lord is moving in mysterious ways this week. Let us join our hearts in prayer over these selected stories of sin. Carson: The Repugnicant Party is ACHING for an “outsider” candidate for President. Someone who is NOT a career politician. These fine Christian people need to be wary for what they pray. Not only is Brother Ben Carson not […]

The Houston Cloud Must Have a Silver Lining

What up, Houston? Now, I know this is Texas, and I am a proud native Texan. But really? You’ve had a lesbian mayor for years. Why on earth would you do this? Don’t you know what happened is bad for “bidness”? Don’t you know this is worse than having the most God-awful humidity in the state? Your thoughtful commentator could […]

The 701 Club: Babies, Baseball & Bieber

Gather round all ye peoples and read these inspired thoughts on the world around us. Babies: Let us gather in prayer for the Repugnicant candidates for President. After their most recent televised debates, they were all up in arms about unfair and unorganized questioning on the part of the media. Such babies! Yet, they have a point. There does need […]

Who’s Afraid Of Little Ole Me?

Old habits die hard. For as long as I can remember, I’ve listened to debates and speeches with an ear tuned to what the politicians of the day would or would not say about gay folks and our issues. For three decades, I pricked up my ears to hear what would be said about AIDS, gays in the military, constitutional […]