Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


That’s A Big 10-4, Gay Buddy

It’s Thursday, October 4, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to start planning your weekend, little Lohans! We’ve got art, theatre, music, film, exercise and greener living all at your mani’ed fingertips. Weekend Calendar MY OWN PRIVATE DIVA, by Terry Dobson Opens Friday, October 5th We all have a diva in our lives, and we’re each one […]

Boxer Rebellion

When you hear the words “steel” and “underwear” in the same sentence, images of virginal maidens chipping away at the padlocks on their chastity belts likely spring to mind. Or the sort of weird, chain mail banana hammocks that only a Chippendales dancer would be caught alive in. Next, picture “25-year anniversary” and “underwear” together. (We’ll pause while you try […]

Sashay, Shante, Café Café Café

In the immortal words of the beloved drag patron saint RuPaul, “You Better Work”… your way on over to Oak Cliff for the fabulosity that is the newly opened Cliff Café, right next door to the Belmont Hotel. Helmed by chefs Douglas Brown and Stephen DeSandro, Cliff Café serves up “comfort food” with a foodie twist – three meals daily, […]

The ‘Mo The Merrier

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Gay List Daily, we’re so fairy happy you signed up. Think of us as a Bedazzler for your inbox, adding a little sparkle (and maybe a catty comment now and again) to the humdrum shuffle of daily life. Whether you need to indulge your inner social butterfly with outings aplenty or you just […]