Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Unibrows And Mimosas

Gaytown has a new Mexican restaurant, named after some artist chick played by Salma Hayek. There are giant eyebrows everywhere, but not to fear. None in the food. In the space formerly occupied by Ciao Marco Italian, Frida’s has a simple, hip, Mexico City vibe. There’s nothing Tex-Mex about anything on the menu. And that’s a good thing. Lunch and […]

Two Great Vices, One Great Taste

Not since the domestic partnership of chocolate and peanut butter has there been a flavor pairing as progressive (and delicious) as the Margarita Truffle. A downright decadent combination of cocoa-rich dark chocolate, premium margarita-infused ganache and just a little sprinkle of sea salt, this Tex-Mex taste accoutrement satisfies even the most voracious compulsion for salty/sweet goodness. Stumbling upon this chocktail […]

Calling All State Fairies

So the State Fair of Texas isn’t exactly the gayest place on earth, but it is a wonderful guilty pleasure where you can indulge the urge to wear socks with sandals and strut your inner mullet. Slumming can be fun — just ask Anastasia Beaverhausen. There’s plenty of decadent fun to be had in the shadows of our favorite ginormous […]

Let’s Talk-tober

Hello homo, has the workweek taken a toll that not even the best of under-eye concealers can correct? Well, pack those bags and head out to one of these jaunty adventures this weekend. Weekend Calendar Nipples to the Wind Opens Friday, October 12th Yeah, the title made us perk up, too. But it’s actually an old Texas expression for a […]

If You’re Snarky And You Know It, Wear The Shirt

Why settle for belting out a witty quip that only falls on a few deaf ears, when you can display your sass loud and proud on a t-shirt for all to see The good folks at BustedTees have searched far and wide to make sure no pun, or pop culture reference, goes unexploited. Whether you’re looking to defend Lindsay, show […]

Little House of the Rarity

Hey Nellie Olsen, or should we just call you Nellie for short, do you find that your ho hum style of denim and t-shirts is starting to look like something Laura Ingalls whipped up on her sewing machine? No worries, a quick trip to House of Dang is sure to fix that with a bevy of reworked vintage looks and […]

Pandora Rox

We admit: we snuck a peek at your iPod the other day. Your play list is as tired as a drag queen doing Melissa Etheridge. Seriously. Fret not: the wizards at Pandora are bringing sexy music back. The artistes of the Human Genome Project have spent years indexing zillions of songs in a few hundred ways to collect fresh musical […]

That’s A Big 10-4, Gay Buddy

It’s Thursday, October 4, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to start planning your weekend, little Lohans! We’ve got art, theatre, music, film, exercise and greener living all at your mani’ed fingertips. Weekend Calendar MY OWN PRIVATE DIVA, by Terry Dobson Opens Friday, October 5th We all have a diva in our lives, and we’re each one […]

Boxer Rebellion

When you hear the words “steel” and “underwear” in the same sentence, images of virginal maidens chipping away at the padlocks on their chastity belts likely spring to mind. Or the sort of weird, chain mail banana hammocks that only a Chippendales dancer would be caught alive in. Next, picture “25-year anniversary” and “underwear” together. (We’ll pause while you try […]

Sashay, Shante, Café Café Café

In the immortal words of the beloved drag patron saint RuPaul, “You Better Work”… your way on over to Oak Cliff for the fabulosity that is the newly opened Cliff Café, right next door to the Belmont Hotel. Helmed by chefs Douglas Brown and Stephen DeSandro, Cliff Café serves up “comfort food” with a foodie twist – three meals daily, […]