Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Brunch Of The Month: Oh, Le!

After a summer of out-of-town weekends, we felt woefully disconnected from our favorite Dallas ritual: brunch. We hadn’t even completely unpacked our bags before we headed to a spot that had been on our short list since it opened. And Le Taco Cantina (in the former Scotch & Sausage space) does not disappoint. It’s here that Chef Daniel Tarasevich fuses […]

Brunch Of The Month: Hot Pockets On Steroids

As much as we love brunch, we don’t always have to be part of a hollandaise-soaked spectacle of egg dishes and bottomless mimosas to have a great time. Sometimes, in fact, we’re in no condition to make such complicated decisions as how we like our eggs or whether we want bacon or sausage. It’s all a little overwhelming. Well, Greenville […]

Brunch Of The Month: Muy Buena

Ask any gay man. Great things always come in threes. That’s why we were so excited when El Bolero joined sibling restaurants Oak and Pakpao in the Design District. Not only were we confident the decor would be inspired, we knew the menu would be top notch. Well, color us psychic because we were 100% accurate on both counts and […]

Brunch Of The Month: Smokin’ Hot

Approximately 390 brunches have been eaten in the name of research for the 88 restaurants we’ve chosen for our Brunch of the Month feature over the years. That’s a lot of Eggs Benedict, bottomless mimosas and Sunday afternoons passed out on our bathroom floor. So it should come as no shock that little surprises us when it comes to variations […]

Brunches Of The Month: The NeverEnding Pour-y

The only thing we love more than a good bottom is a great bottomless. That’s why we’re so fond of brunch. (And you thought we went solely for the free-range eggs.) So to kick off 2015’s Brunch of the Month, we’ve decided to do something different and select the few places we keep on permanent rotation for those rare weekends […]

Brunch Of The Month: Sunday Sinday

We’ve always had a crush on Blythe Beck, a.k.a. The Naughty Chef. Because, quite frankly, the only possible way a woman can seduce us is with copious amounts of butter, bacon and booze. And she’s not afraid to use any of them. Sometimes not even in the kitchen. Well, she’s back in Big D as the resident chef for Version […]

Brunch Of The Month: Lobster For Breakfast

Not sure about you, but when a drag queen recommends something, we pay attention. Especially when said drag queen is cutting our hair and has scissors millimeters away from our precious face. But we’re so glad our friend told us about the brunch at Nickel & Rye, a restaurant on McKinney Avenue that for some odd reason has never been […]

Brunch Of The Month: So & So’s

Brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast. Those are profound words to live by. And clearly the mantra of So & So’s in Uptown because it’s emblazoned right there on their menu. With that one poetic sentence, the tone for this carefree eatery is clear: This is a place to come and laugh with friends over fantastic cocktails […]

Brunch Of The Month: Bloody Cheap

Two dollars makes us holler—for another Bloody Mary! That’s because the new brunch at Cucina Neighborhood Italian is filled with two-buck drinks, including Mimosas, Bellinis and, of course, that little tomato-vodka cocktail we love so much. Brunch service just launched a couple weeks ago so it’s still relatively quiet, but that’ll all change once people discover their two great patios, […]

Brunch Of The Month: Nooner In The Cliff

We’re not typically fans of the whole “less is more” concept. Except when said less is part of the word bottomless. Of course, bottomless mimosas shouldn’t be the sole reason you seek out a brunch spot, but when they’re offered in conjunction with incredible food, it’s a hard combination to beat. So get your thirsty self to Bolsa, the Oak […]

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