Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Yes, We Canned!

We’ve been drinking so many canned boozy beverages this summer, we sure hope aluminum poisoning isn’t a thing. (Hmmm, maybe we should be more worried about liver failure.) The latest canned booze selection in our poolside ice chest comes from Ranch Rider Spirits out of Austin. Currently, they offer a trio of refreshing, perfect-for-summer sips made with nothing but premium […]

Corny Dogs On Demand

Yesterday’s news about the cancellation of the State Fair of Texas came as a bittersweet reality check. Sure, it’s sad that we won’t get to play our annual game of “Find the Hot Carny” or scour the fairgrounds for the stands with five-coupon beer, but we’re also happy that the organizers are keeping everyone’s safety a top priority. Of course, […]

New Reasons To Drink

You haven’t gotten a haircut in three months? Cheers to that! That ever-growing beard still shocks you when you see yourself in the mirror? Bottoms up! If you know us, you know we can always find a reason to toast a situation with a cocktail. Well, this weekend, we have two more and they’re rather official. Tomorrow is World Gin […]

Meanwhile, Back At The Bar…

Tough. Hairy. Not afraid to cut the nuts off a bull. Man, we really miss seeing our mom right now. But funny enough, those are also the traits of a typical Texas cowboy and there’s a legendary beverage that many call their favorite: Ranch Water. You know, the super-refreshing, delightfully strong mixture of tequila, Topo Chico and lime. Well, now […]

Takeout Of The Week: Dumplings For Days

The Dallas restaurant scene will never be the same again. That’s a fact, but not necessarily one that signifies only doom and gloom. Restaurants have really impressed us with innovating new ways to satisfy our hunger and thirst and keep everyone safe, too. As some restaurants opened their patios and dining rooms to 25% capacity in recent days, we’ve been […]

Takeout Of The Week: 4/20 Edition

If we never have to see another styrofoam container, we’ll be happy forever. But for now, getting delicious meals to-go will be the only way we can get a break from meal prep. And despite our trashy family tree, we’ve about run out of casserole recipes. That’s why last week we temporarily retired our Brunch Of The Week feature and […]

Takeout Of The Week: Just Say Dough

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic — and citywide shut-down of dining rooms — should make Khanh Nguyen seem like a crazy person. Instead, we actually think he’s psychic. Because long before all this COVID stuff changed our lives, he had a vision of a take-out-and-delivery-only location in the gayborhood of his popular local pizza chain, ZaLat. Known for offering […]

Make Today DO-GOOD Friday

We’ve already written a few different stories about ways to help local businesses out during this time of self-isolation and social distancing. Among the hardest hit right now, of course, are restaurants. Most of us have been supporting our regular haunts, but it can be a bit of an investigation to find all the restaurants in the neighborhood that are […]

Now This Is Our Kind Of Easter Basket

Man, that photo brings back memories of Easter as a kid. Not because our parents were big drinkers, but because we grew up in West Texas they would hide decorated jalapeños in the yard for us to gather. Not only did we learn how to make great salsa instead of deviled eggs like all the other kids, but it also […]

A Night Out On The Strip

Who’s ready to go to the Crossroads for a burger, beer and a little flirting? We know we’re dying to get back out, but the gayest place for us right now is on the other side of the mirror—staring back at us with so much fruitiness we can hardly stand it. And we’re tired of looking at that guy! Of […]