Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Brunch Of The Week: Italy In Uptown

We can’t wait for patio weather to return. And the first place on our list for that glorious day with mere double-digit temperatures? Fiatto in Uptown. We’ve only been for brunch, but the food was so good and the patio so beautiful that we know we’ll be back. For now, however, we’re all about that brunch. The tastefully decorated but […]

Take Me Out To The Bar Game

We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve been to a professional sporting event. And even on those rare occasions, we only went for the food and drinks. (And maybe stare at a few hot players between bites and sips.) So when we heard about the Arlington All-Star Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Festival this Saturday at […]

How To Have A GRAND National Tequila Day

Only three shopping days left until National Tequila Day! And because it falls on a Sunday, you definitely need to plan ahead because, well, Texas is backward and stupid AF. Indeed, living in the Lone Star State definitely drives us to drink. But always top-shelf. So while your inbox and social media feed are filling up this week with agave […]

Brunch Of The Week: Downtown Dallas Delights

We’re not big fans of AT&T as a service provider. (Our complaints about them could fill up the entire Internet.) But damn if we don’t love the AT&T Discovery District in Downtown Dallas. It’s become one of our favorite hangouts, even in the hot Texas summer heat. One of our regular go-to spots since right before the Covid lockdowns is […]

Wiener, Wiener, BBQ Dinner

The Round-Up Saloon & Dance Hall turns 42 next week, y’all! And to kick off the celebration, they’re hosting a Customer Appreciation BBQ this Sunday. It all takes place in the Game Room starting at 1:00 p.m. Belly up to the buffet for a rib-ticklin’, rib-stickin’ meal of all your barbecue favorites catered by Big Al’s Smokehouse BBQ. Then sneak […]

Brunch Of The Week: Mex To The Max

We love Mexico. Way more than the U.S. in recent years, especially, but we haven’t had enough Sparkling Hibiscus Mimosas to get into politics. Nor should we on the happy occasion of Brunch of the Week returning after a little time off for Pride Month. This very day last summer we were relaxing on the beach in Sayulita, and darn […]

Brunch(es) Of The Week: LifeWalk Plan-Ahead Edition

You made it! Today is the final day of Pride Month and it’s been jam-packed with so much queerness that we could really use a vacation! But as soon as we’re done with a little R&R (rum and relaxation), we’ll be ready to take on July full force. Because June was so packed with Pride events, we put Brunch of […]

Head Straight To The Bar

If it’s made with hops and we’re holding it in our hand, every beer becomes a gay one. But since 2018, there’s been a true Gay Beer on the market. Perfect for Pride Month, we say. And also the other 335 days of the year. The golden lager is brewed in partnership with the Brooklyn-based Butternuts Beer & Ale, NY […]

Brunch Of The Week, Eh?

After weeks of our friends praising the food and cocktails at Canadian eatery Maple Leaf Diner, we finally made it to the Great White North. (In this case, that’s both Canada and North Dallas!) Be prepared for a wait if you show up at peak times (or join the wait list in advance), but know that your endurance will be […]

Thirsty For A Summer Three-Way: A Trio Of Sips (& Sucks)

Well, well, well. Another Memorial Day Weekend has rolled around and we’re so ready for warm-weather vacation season. Even though it’s not officially summer yet, the three-day weekend kicks off the summer season for most of us. That means an extra day for brunching, an extra day to sleep in and an extra day to drink frosty beverages! As you […]