Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Cozy Up To Some Soul-Warming Tequila

We just went to Tequila this past weekend. You know, to see where a good portion of our current body composition originated. And damn if the Magical Town in Jalisco, Mexico didn’t live up to expectations (just maybe not our liver’s expectations!) So how excited were we after a long travel day home from Guadalajara to find a box on […]

Farmer? We Don’t Even Know Her!

We’ve never really had a farmer fantasy. At least not until we came across that tasty Hunk O’ Man standing in those amber waves of grain. Sure, he won’t actually be at Chefs for Farmers Food & Wine Festival this weekend, but we can dream, can’t we? There will be plenty of other people who are equally attractive (inside and […]

Scare Up Great Food In The Gayborhood

Even though Halloween the horror franchise is over (for now), Halloween the holiday won’t be here for another two weeks. So if you’re a fan of all things creepy, kooky and spooky—especially when it comes to food and drink, Roy G’s has got you covered like a mummy in bandages. (Or bondage, depending on how you perceive that narrative.) Among […]

Get Your Buns To B&B Tonight!

Cue the meat sweats, Burgers & Burgundy is back! Tonight! You’ve had months to get tickets, but in case you’ve been procrastinating (or been losing weight in anticipation of all the meaty, carb goodness), you can still get tickets to the event this evening. Everybody’s favorite propane-fueled fundraiser returns this year at the location that debuted last year. Now taking […]

New Drag Brunch Alert! New Drag Brunch Alert!

We’re truly living in the Golden Age of Drag Brunch here in North Texas. Despite the fact that religious or otherwise nutjob right-wing zealots keep protesting them. (Which just makes us want to go even more often and tip with fives instead of ones.) The latest restaurant to enter the Drag Brunch Race is Ebb & Flow at their Plano […]

Brunch Of The Moment: Beats & Bubbles

If you like to chew to the beat of a high-energy song, or take a swig of a cocktail every time the chorus hits, have we got a brunch for you. Postino WineCafé in Deep Ellum recently launched a special extension of its regular Saturday and Sunday brunch (which runs each day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Now every […]

Brunch Of The Moment: Benedicts & Bliss By Way Of Barcelona

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a whole lot of something else… We love to sample. (And not just men.) Anyone who’s ever dined with us knows we love to order a bunch of food, place it in the middle of the table and try some of everything. Because of that, we may have found the […]

Big Wheel Keeps on Turnin’

The State Fair of Texas returns next weekend and as we’ve mentioned before, we aren’t feelin’ it this year. But that hasn’t stopped our cravings for fair food and the whole experience, especially on a smaller scale. Even if you’re Team Big Tex and still plan to go this year, you can get a jump start this Thursday at Ferris […]

Brunch Of The Moment: Labor Day For The Dogs

It’s almost a long weekend, so we’re going to keep this short and sweet. Because we want to leave the office early today, just like you. If you’re lucky enough to get Monday off, take the opportunity to go to an oh-so-rare MONDAY brunch experience. All three locations of Mutts Canine Cantina will host a special Hair of the Dog […]

Howdy, Macaron Lovers!

Not sure about you, but ever since Covid we’re kinda fine with missing the State Fair again this year. So many crowds—and so many out-and-proud Trumpsters (gag). It just isn’t our scene anymore. But we will still crave all sorts of fair foods and do our best to create some of our favorites at home. Until then, however, we can […]