Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Brunch Of The Week: Asian Inspiration

So, here’s the deal. The first two months of 2022 found us sick in bed with breakthrough Covid for a full two weeks. Once that was behind us, we returned to traveling as much as possible to get back to some sense of normal as safely as possible. Because of our wanderlust being back in high gear, we barely were […]

What To Wear To Dinner This Fat Tuesday

Well, here we are again: Another Mardi Gras is upon us. Luckily, we don’t believe in giving things up for Lent so it’s just another excuse to be crazy and debaucherous among the 342 other days of the year we opt for shenanigans. (Note: We’re not counting the days off we need to recover from hangovers and orgy injuries.) Tomorrow […]

Brunch Of The Week: On The Weekends We Shuffle

JOCK ALERT: We think we’ve found our new favorite sport. Seriously. It involves skill, but one that’s easily attained. It’s competitive and exciting, but you’ll never break a sweat. Most importantly, however, it comes with a bottle of prosecco for each and every single person on both teams. Discover (or revisit) your own athleticism this Saturday or Sunday during Weekend […]

Everything’s Coming Up Rosés

Rosé has been enjoying years of popularity and we’ve definitely partaken of at least one full barrel’s worth of the wine all by ourselves. But now, it’s time for pink-hued tequila to have its moment of superstardom. Calirosa Tequila Rosa Blanco is easily the prettiest tequila we’ve ever tasted. It’s also one of the most delicately complex thanks to a […]

Brunch Of The Week: Pretty Eggs All In A Row

Elegant without being stuffy. Laidback without being boring. Charming without trying too hard. Yes, we know. Those descriptions all represent our personal traits (and dating profile bullet points), but they also perfectly apply to the brunch scene at Elm & Good inside the Kimpton Pittman Hotel in Deep Ellum. This genteel spot under the culinary leadership of chef Graham Dodds […]

Brunch Of The Week: Any Which Day You Can

If there’s one thing we forget until each new December holiday season rolls around, it’s that during two weeks off days of the week don’t matter. Which means we often crave brunch on a Monday morning. Or Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Even a more appropriate Sunday at noon. Well, next time you have weekdays off for vacation, you’ll be prepared […]

Scoot Your Boots To Roots For Fruits (& Veg)

Statistics show that 938,991,423 people in Dallas are looking to get healthy in 2022. Yet even with such high demand, finding easy, tasty ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet can still be a challenge. Luckily, Brent Rodgers (pictured above) has been deliciously hydrating and upping the nutrition game of Dallasites through his Roots Juices for years. But […]

Brunch Of The Week Of The Year

As the year winds down and the last glimpses of a few days off begin to blur, we’re looking ahead to the weekend with friends. But we’re also feeling quite lazy and don’t have the energy to compile a whole list of our favorite spots. Because if we feature them here, they’re already tops in our book so you know […]

Pink Traveler: Yuletide Cheer (& Cheers) In Fredericksburg, TX

Fröhliche Weihnachten! Or better yet, Fröhliche Wine–nachten! Fredericksburg, TX has deep German roots—as well as deep-rooted grapevines—so it only seems appropriate that anyone wishing to experience a German-accented holiday near more than 50 wineries, a last-minute trip to the charming town is due. It’s the latest destination we’ve fallen in love with and are happy to share as part of […]

Hey, Cis Sis, It’s Christmas!

We write about drag queens a lot here at He Said Dallas. Because we love them oh-so-much! But sometimes, we want to make sure that our cisgender sisters get some adoration, too, and burlesque performers have always been among our favorites. After all, they often represent extreme versions of femininity (like drag queens), they have a ribald sense of humor […]