Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Crave: Eats & Drinks

Brunch Of The Month: Get It While It Lasts

Kitchen LTO 101: New chef, menu and art every four months, i.e. limited time only. Now under the culinary leadership of Chef Brooke Egger, we wish they’d ditch the concept and turn Kitchen LTO into Kitchen PSHF. As in Please Stay Here Forever. Sure, we voted for Brooke’s dish at the competition to determine who would be the restaurant’s third […]

Brunch Of The Month: Spice Things Up

If we’re ever on Death Row, the last meal we request will be brunch. And if possible, it will be shipped in from Komali, whose new executive chef (Julio Peraza) is peppering the menu with inspired dishes that bring a fine-dining level of execution to eggs and other morning faves. Start with a chipotle Bloody Mary, a super-spicy house-made mix […]

Brunch Of The Month: Frat Boys & Eggs

For most of us, beer for breakfast isn’t that appetizing. So Henderson Tap House had to venture way beyond their 75-plus brews and deliver the important stuff. (Mainly cheap mimosas and Bloody Marys.) The neighborhood sports bar atmosphere may be an unlikely setting for a big gay brunch, but the impressive food and drinks compel otherwise. Start with a $10 […]

Brunch Of The Month: Get It While It Lasts

As we reported last month, Kitchen LTO has welcomed its second chef for a four-month stint. Which means time is already running out to try the incredible brunch menu from Chef Eric Shelton before it’s too late. Luckily, the Trinity Groves restaurant is serving up signature brunch dishes on both Saturday and Sunday, doubling your opportunities to partake. The menu […]

Brunch Of The Month: All Thai’d Up

If we could eat at Pakpao Thai every day of the year, we’d be happy. OK, we lie. We’d be ecstatic. It’s one of our favorite restaurants and now they’ve launched their own version of our favorite meal: brunch. What we love most is how seamlessly they infused everyday brunch items with authentic Thai flavors without anything feeling contrived. Start […]

Brunch Of The Month: Greenville Eggs & Ham

For the record, not every Brunch of the Month selection is a new, undiscovered restaurant. Sometimes, we stumble upon an old favorite and remember why we love it all over again. This month, that designation goes to The Grape on Lower Greenville Avenue. Not only is it home to one of the best burgers in the history of beef, but […]

Brunch Of The Month: They Hunt, You Gather

We can’t get enough of HG SPLY CO. And it has nothing to do with our caveman fetish. Instead, we’re infatuated with their paleo-esque menu and all the delicious, simply prepared foods filling our plates with bold flavors. Now they’ve launched Sunday brunch and we can hardly contain our excitement. Head upstairs to the rooftop deck where there’s plenty of […]

Brunch Of The Month: Comfort Food, Y’all!

There’s a new brunch in town and we’ve been anticipating its launch for more than a year. And now we’re really hungry. But as Grandma always said, “Better late than no short rib hash.” (Man, that was one wise old gypsy woman.) Introducing the brand-new, much-anticipated, highly worth-the-wait brunch from Sissy’s Southern Kitchen. This Saturday-only meal spectacular features six choice […]

Brunch Of The Month: Cast Iron Comfort

This Sunday is one of the best brunch days of the year. Because most of us have Monday off, that means we can ramp up our mimosa intake from our conservative six to somewhere in the neighborhood of 217. And even though TABC is ruining our buzz by cracking down on bottomless cocktails, DISH serves up a nice big 12-ounce […]

Brunch Of The Month: LGBT (Let’s Go To Belly & Trumpet!)

April’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our Brunch of the Month feature. In fact, we kind of knew what it was going to be without ever tasting a bite. But what fun would that be? So after giving Belly & Trumpet a couple weeks to hit their brunchy stride, we went in and feasted like fatties. And […]