Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Suck On These

We hope you’re enjoying Skinny Monday because tomorrow’s FAT TUESDAY in all its debaucherous glory. Even here in Dallas. And other than showing your titties for some cheap beads, there’s nothing quite as quintessentially Mardi Gras as slurping some head at the Round-Up during their annual Fat Tuesday Crawfish Boil. Unlike other crawfish boils in the city, this one’s free! […]

Wine. Beer. Equality. These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things.

It’s funny how naive we can be sometimes. Back in June 2015 we actually had the thought that a lot of LGBTQ organizations might cease to exist because history was finally on the side of equality. Man, oh man, do we feel dumb now. With the equal rights of our community in more jeopardy now than they’ve been in a […]

Come Join The Mardi

One week from tomorrow, it’s our favorite day of debauchery this side of Thanksgiving, Taco Tuesday or any given moment on a gay cruise. But you don’t have to wait until Fat Tuesday to get in the Mardi Gras spirit. Saturday night, all your favorite Caven clubs—JR’s, Sue Ellen’s, S4, TMC and the Rose Room—celebrate the season with a Mardi […]

Jazz Up Your V-Day

Love it (or hate it), Valentine’s Day is here for your pleasure (or torture). It’s all about perspective. But regardless of how you choose to celebrate (or avoid) the most cliché holiday of the year, we have an after-dark activity you’re going to love. (And one that might lead to even more enjoyable after-dark activities!) Tonight, Terry D. Loftis presents […]

Taylor, Slightly Less Swift

Starring in a one-woman show at age 86? We officially have another bucket list item. For Renée Taylor, one of our favorite stars we first discovered from her time on The Nanny, it’s a reality in her life since 2018. This weekend, the hilarious woman comes to town for four performances at the Eisemann Center in Richardson over Valentine’s Day […]

Out/Standing In His Field

Who’s ready to have a Grand old time? Or more accurately, a Grand young time. (Singer Steve Grand’s only 30 years old, for Pete’s sake.) The ultra-talented heartthrob comes to Dallas for a one-night-only benefit for the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas. The intimate concert takes place at SMU’s Bob Hope Theater with our beloved Sister Helen Holy […]

Golden Galentines

Sophia Petrillo has gone missing! But not to worry, the rest of the Golden Girls are on the case. Finding Sophia might be at the center of Hot Flashbacks: A Golden Girls Musical Adventure, but there’s so much more GG love to go around. From classic bits from the sitcom to musical parodies, the Golden Gays NYC know how to […]

Beep Bop Boop

Humanity is overrated. That’s because we all know the future belongs to robots—or at least the very near future. This Saturday night, join DJ Blake Ward as he celebrates his birthday at Beauty Bar with a special party produced by Disco, TX: Robotic. Pleasure bots, multiple DJs, go-go dancers and plenty of surprises await in this dance party to end […]

Surf’s Up (& Inside!)

We have a t-shirt that says, “The only P we want in our pool is Prosecco.” Well that all changes now because the P we want in our pool for the foreseeable future is a Pilsner. Perhaps some Patron. Truth be told, we’re not big fans of waterparks, what with all the real pee in the pool and the cacophony […]

Hello, Dolly, Lily & Jane!

One life lesson we learned as kids was that it’s always satisfying to see justice served to a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. Let’s just hope it happens one day for the current one in the White House and not just Dabney Coleman. Don’t worry. It’s OK to get political when talking about 9 to 5, a delightful, unashamedly feminist comedy starring Lily […]