Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Go: Pink Traveler

Travel is like crack for us gays. We’ve got your fix.

Travel Tuesday: Get Taken For A Ride

Ready or not, the hectic holiday travel season’s here. And if you haven’t flown out of Love Field recently, you may not have heard the news—or paid attention to it—but the only rideshare service you can get curbside now is Alto. If you want a taxi or another rideshare company, you’ll have to walk at least 10 minutes to reach […]

Travel Tuesday: Wave, Hello

Typically, our travels center around going to a specific destination. But every once in a while, we stay in a hotel we love so much that we would build an entire itinerary around a stay at that particular property. That happened to us earlier in the year with The National, Autograph Collection in Oklahoma City. Now, after wrapping up our […]

Travel Tuesday: Yuletide Cheer (& Cheers) In Fredericksburg, TX

Fröhliche Weihnachten! Or better yet, Fröhliche Wine–nachten! We know today’s actually Das Halloween (impressed by our German?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about Christmas and all the other December holidays we love. Fredericksburg, TX has deep Germanic roots—as well as deep-rooted grapevines—so it only seems appropriate that anyone wishing to experience a German-accented holiday near Dallas with […]

Travel Tuesday: Get Pampered In Paradise

We’re not sure about you, but 2023 has been a crazy, crazy year, and one we can’t wait to put behind us. But we also wouldn’t mind ending it with an escape to someplace exotic where we can be treated like the superstars we think we should be. So naturally, our thoughts this Travel Tuesday have drifted to one of […]

Travel Tuesday: Rock Out & Love Out Loud

We presume heading to Washington, DC tonight might be a little last-minute for a concert. But fear not, the LOVELOUD Tour will be in our neck of the woods soon enough. Founded in 2017 by straight singer Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, LOVELOUD hits the road for the first time ever, beginning with today’s concert in DC. That’s followed by an […]

Travel Tuesday: Insure, Jan

This morning, we have such a sore butt we can hardly walk. And no, not for that reason, you filthy pervs. Our perfectly plump posterior pain comes instead from sitting nearly seven hours on a plane yesterday. As much as we travel each month, you’d think we’d have learned by now to fly with our own special tush cushion. Perhaps […]

Travel Tuesday: Find The Ultimate G Spot

Even though every vacation we take is a gay vacation simply because we’re present on the plane, ship, or hotel bed, there’s something even better about a true LGBTQ experience. And that’s why Brand g Vacations gets us super excited for our next out-of-town trip. Of course, these aren’t simply get-away-from-Dallas excursions. They’re once-in-a-lifetime, all-LGBTQ, all-inclusive opportunities to see some […]

Travel Tuesday: Ultimate Peace & Quiet 90 Minutes From DFW (Plus 20% Off!)

With the hectic holiday season looming, many of us are looking for a little respite from the chaos of all the family and social events in our future. Now’s the time to schedule a break from it all. Because once you’ve booked a trip, it’s easy to decline that white elephant party you don’t really want to go to. And […]

Travel Tuesday: All-Inclusive In More Ways Than One

A Puerto Vallarta vacation. Halloween. Dia de Los Muertos. And all the adult beverages we want? Sign us up! Fortunately, all these things can be your favorite things during Vacaya’s next LGBT+ resort takeover in PV—and you should sign up now, too. Before it’s too late. It all goes down this October 29 through November 5 at the Hilton Vallarta […]

Travel Tuesday: Horse Around This Fall In Corpus Christi

Now that we’ve experienced a brief portion of this past weekend in 70-degree temperatures, we have fall fever—big time. But that doesn’t mean we want to steer clear of summery destinations and go full chunky sweater while sitting in front of a roaring fire grasping a cup of hot cocoa with both hands, either. We’ll save that for our après-ski […]