Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Lies! All Lies!

We’ve all told fibs. Some, of course, might be considered way bigger than mere fibs. But dishonesty can be tricky and that’s a concept central to the stories in I Know You Know Who I Am, a collection of engaging fiction from gay author Peter Kispert. With 21 stories in total, some only a couple of pages and others much […]

Manic At The Disco

We’ve been feeling manic all week. But also really feeling Manic. The latest album from Halsey came out last Friday, but it’s been on repeat on our Apple Music account ever since. The deeply personal, emotional songs track her rise from little-known singer to young pop royalty. Watch the latest video from this album below then check back in tomorrow […]

Underwear Of The Month: What’s He Hiding Down There?

As you’ve probably noticed, our typical Underwear of the Month selection involves the least amount of fabric needed to perform a proper coverup. But we’re well aware that not everyone likes barely-there briefs and junk-forward jockstraps. Sometimes conservative can be super sexy (hello, Mormon missionaries!). It’s also true of these ultra-comfortable stretch boxer briefs from Vince Camuto. Made of 95% […]

Underwear Of The Decade: The Best For Your Bulge

The 2010s have been filled with ups and downs. (And thankfully, ins and outs). But enough about what we did out of our underwear. We had plenty of fun in our underwear and thanks to our Underwear of the Month feature, we were able to test out so many briefs, boxers, jocks and impractical sexywear that we had to add […]

Underwear Of The Month: Heating Things Up

No matter how cold it is outside, baby, there’s no denying the latest collection from Addicted is nothing but hot. HOT. HOT. HOT. The Flammable Ice collection from the ES Collection sister brand, sold locally by Dallas partners Chris Lynch and Mark Milburn, features everything you need this winter to stay active—and warm. Well, except maybe the jockstraps. Those tend […]

Forecast Calls For Ice

We love to host cocktail parties. Mostly because using a cocktail shaker makes our biceps look really good. But also because we enjoy opening up our home to a bunch of drunks. Yet the experience of making cocktails can be an exhausting endeavor, what with all the citrus squeezing, herb muddling and ingredient measuring. And hiring a private bartender totally […]

Taking Care Of Fizzness

Sparkle much? We know we love anything bubbly, from wine to butts and everything in between. And because we stereotypically adore the Official Gay Drink™, the vodka soda, we consume more than our fair share of fizzy liquids. For years we’ve made our own seltzer at home, but a brand new technology launched yesterday changes everything you think you know […]

The Gray Agenda

When you transition from “Who’s your Daddy?” to “Who’s your Granddaddy?”— it might be time to start thinking about retirement. And potentially looking for senior housing. We’re all going to get old someday (and to many we’ve already crossed that line), so it’s fantastic that there’s a local organization with the specific needs of LGBT seniors in mind. The Coalition […]

The Show Must Go On (Your Body)

Ever wonder what happens to all the sets when a Broadway show closes? Typically (and sadly), much of it ends up in the dumpster. Until now. When Jennifer Kahn founded Scenery, a company that upcycles backdrops and other ready-to-discard materials into accessories for men and women, the planet got a little less trashed. And a lot more fashionable. With everything […]

Skin Deep

As the saying goes, there’s more to a book than its cover. Here’s a prime example. The front of Meus Puer features a cropped section of a nude male form—a glimpse of a shoulder, a bit of chest hair and the slightest hint of a tattoo. This tiny tease on the cover leads directly to a quote from Oscar Wilde […]

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