Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Underwear Of The Month: All (Barbie) Dolled Up

By now, we suspect you’ve seen Barbie. Chances are, you wore pink to the theater. But did you wear pink everything? Andrew Christian has the answer with his Barbie Inspired Collection, in case you still haven’t seen the comedy smash—or plan to return for a second helping of plastic-inspired joy. Though not an official-official collection (likely due to copyright issues), […]

Beach Read: Meet The Staten Island Fairy

Always on the hunt for an excuse to go to the beach—even if it’s under the guise of actually reading a book—you can always find us somewhere near the ocean whenever possible. And now, we have a big gay, Big D reason to crack open a beer before cracking open the new tome from Dallas-based Keith A. Yonick. The Staten […]

Underwear Of The Month: Pump Up Your Pride

Happy Last Day of Pride Month! We figured it made sense to end our favorite 30 days of the year with our favorite gay thing in the world—underwear! Even though the official celebration comes to a close today, you can keep the Pride vibe going all year long with the new Pride Collection from PUMP! Priced at $29 for the […]

Talk About A Thirsty Post

‘Tis the season for hydration. LOTS of hydration. So we’re here to help spread the message of anti-plastic water bottles. Sure, we still drink water out of plastic bottles but it hurts our souls a little bit each time because they’re so terrible for the environment and few people recycle them. Therefore, whenever we can, we seek out non-plastic bottle […]

The Art Of The Wheel

We have a whole month’s worth of Pride entertainment, experiences, products and events to tell you about this June. But Ride Alto has gotten a jump on the season of rainbows with its latest endeavor: Alto Art Cars. The latest to roll out in Dallas and the rideshare company‘s five other markets marks a collaboration with legendary, gay, Texas-born photographer […]

Bye-Bye, Tie!

When we were part of Corporate America, we had more neckties than we knew what to do with. These days, we have to dig through our walk-in underwear closet just to find the one or two ties we still own. And hope they’re not wadded up in a ball and wrinkled. Of course, we won’t have to worry about that […]

NOW, NOW. Buy This Album Now!

Crank the volume to 100. Your new Pride summer soundtrack has come out! As a followup to last year’s smash NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL PRIDE, the newly released album, NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL PROUD, features some of the most iconic LGBTQ anthems ever recorded. Elton John. Queen. Scissor Sisters. Melissa Etheridge. Indigo Girls. They’re all present and accounted […]

V Marks The Spot

We love anything featuring a decidedly queer spin. Gay Beer. LGBTQ-owned underwear brands such as JJ Malibu and Andrew Christian. That Instagram account with all the asshole Republicans transformed into drag queens. Because let’s be honest, everything’s better when it’s gayer. Case in point: the newest album from queer artist Mathew V, Anything Goes. Out now, this new collection of […]

Alt Rock From A Queer POC

Hard as you might try, it’s difficult even in 2023 to find a lot of queer people of color making great music. But today, that still-low tally bumps one higher with the release of the single “Boyhood” from Binoy, an artist born and raised in Kenya to Indian and Sri Lankan immigrant parents. The talented singer-songwriter only has a handful of […]

Be Ready At The Drop Of A Hat (Or Pants)

You’ll never be the Top of the Bottoms if you’re dirty in all the wrong places. We’ve all been there and it’s not a good situation in the slightest (even if he really is “the tightest.”) So whether you’re a total bottom, a top looking to venture into vers territory or simply want to help out your friends who spend […]