Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

New Year, New You(th)

Hitting the gym hard in January always tops our list, as reluctant as we may be to get back to eating healthy and exercising. But this year, we decided to start on the outside first with a little freshen-up at a new med spa in town, Alchemy 43. Located in East Dallas’ Lakewood neighborhood at Hillside Village, Alchemy 43 is […]

Have We Got A Story For You…

With six full days of shopping left, last-minute gifts are still several days away. So don’t panic. If you have any LGBTQ families on your list we have a fun new book to recommend. It’s called Christmas Bears: A Tale of Two Tired Dads & One Magical Morning and you can get it instantly on Amazon for your Kindle. Or […]

Underwear Of The Month: Wrap Your Package Festively

The holiday season for many people always centers on presents. But we have a certain package on our minds 24/7/365. (Call us ho-ho-horny, we don’t care.) So this time of year, we’re always on the hunt for fun, holiday-themed underwear to give as gifts—and for our own amusement prancing around the tree Christmas morning. Once again, Shinesty comes through with […]

Hung, By The Chimney

We used to think if we hung any undergarments on the mantle on Christmas Eve that Santa would fill it with goodies. So one year, we put our theory to the test. Wide-eyed and excited the next morning, we came downstairs and found our tube socks filled with all sorts of fruit and candy. Yippee! Our mother’s giant granny panties […]

Wrappers’ Delight

Finish your shopping yet? As easy as it is to give someone a digital gift card these days, there’s something extra special about receiving an actual present. So when you’re thinking of what to get your friends, pay attention to the wrapping paper as much as the gift. Over at Giftiply, you can choose from a wide variety of wrapping […]

Have Yourself A Merry Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas

Happy Black Friday, everyone! If you need a break from all the insane doorbuster sales going on out there, take a break and listen to the latest EP from Tom Goss: Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas. Here’s a taste of the soon-to-be holiday hits with “Santa Slay.” Other songs in the quartet of crazy carols are “Put That Ass in […]

The Great Queer North

The Bolton name has been saved! In the world of music, the Bolton who most people know (and sometimes love) is Michael, master of the cheesy ballad that makes senior women throw their Depends at the stage. (This is not to take anything away from his undeniably talented guy. He’s simply not our thing.) But now, there’s a new Bolton […]

Cozy Up To Some New Nuts This Fall & Winter

Yeah, yeah. We know we’ve already used a nut-based headline in the past when writing about plant-based Nutpods creamers. But we’re still third-grade boys at heart. Just ask our Uber driver we had the other day. He picked us up in a Tesla and we were more impressed with the car’s fart mode than the vehicle’s sustainability. So yes, you’re […]

Party Between The Sheets

Finally, our dreams of having a gorgeous Italian in our bed are coming true. And others are pitching a tent just thinking about it, as well. This Thursday, Peacock Alley kicks off their Tent Sale event in the parking lot of the Dallas outlet location on Inwood Road. In addition to luxury linens with Italian, Portuguese, and decidedly Dallas accents, […]

There Won’t Be Anything Lil About This Concert

Lil Nas X and humping are two thoughts that often combine in our pervy little brains. Especially when Lil Nas X has a concert on Hump Day. That’s right, if you don’t already have tickets, fear not. The gay superstar’s mostly sold-out show still has standing-room-only tickets in the pit. So if you’re the type of person who likes to […]