Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Underwear Of The Month: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Super-Sexy Man Bikinis

When the pandemic hit, none of us knew what to expect. We definitely didn’t expect to lose our interest in mostly naked men, though. Looking back, we’re not sure why, but we posted our very last Underwear of the Month feature in February 2020, the month prior to Covid-19 taking over our lives. Perhaps it’s because we were sitting on […]

Spread Kindness (Not Disease)

Feel a little safer the next time you get naked with someone else. There’s a brand-new place in the gayborhood looking out for your sexual wellbeing and overall health. (Plus, you can also pick up toilet paper, wine and candy bars while you’re at it!) Introducing, Kind Clinic, a program of Texas Health Action with its first Dallas location inside […]

Happy Hump Day! Time For Some Cake.

Is there anything better than cake? Not much, but we’d have to argue that sex ranks at the top of any list of our favorite things. (Sorry, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.) Well now, we can find our two faves on one website (or in one nightstand drawer). Introducing Cake, a sexual health and wellness company that changes […]

8 Is Great, 9’s Divine

On a recent visit to Harper’s—one of the best new restaurants in Dallas (full review coming soon!)—we popped across the street for a second dessert. And something to help us sleep. Possibly something to induce a few giggles, too.  Luckily, at Bloom Labs Dallas we can get all of the above in a single morsel of chewy, fruity goodness. That’s […]

how a stalker can ruin someone's reputation

To Catch A Stalker

Three of our biggest fears: Going to prison for a crime we didn’t commit. Getting buried alive. Cilantro. Well, now thanks to the latest book from Jameson Farn, we can add cyberstalking to that list. Stalker Craig is the outrageously terrifying true story of the gay author’s real-life stalker and how his friendship with another gay man devolved into a […]

Outside Frozy, Inside Cozy

Our parents’ vacation home always has a sign outside in winter declaring, “Outside Frozy, Inside Cozy” and it’s one of our favorite sentiments anytime we get cold. And with the frigid temperatures we’ve been having in Dallas lately—plus a mean bout of Covid—we’ve been camping out in bed for more than a week now. Luckily, most of the past few […]

Honey, Honey

Though their reign on RuPaul’s Drag Race was short on her season, Honey Davenport made a lasting impression on fans. They were already a staple on the New York drag scene, which never hurts when it comes to exposure, but even for those of us discovering them for the first time, we knew there was a star there. Today, joined […]

Netflix—Minus The Visuals

You won’t see the big red N when you launch the latest from Netflix today. But that’s OK, it’s all normal. That’s because today, Netflix launches its first-ever LGBTQ+ podcast, The Gay Agenda. Created, produced and by lesbian actress, singer/songwriter and podcaster, Jasmin Savoy Brown, the podcast also features producer and non-binary actor, comic and playwright Liv Hewson as her […]

Let Them Hear Your Body Talk

As much as we hoped healthcare coverage would get easier and actually true to the name of the “Affordable” Care Act, it’s still a pain in the ass to get insurance. And if you have an actual pain in the ass, how much will you have to pay even with insurance? And what if that pain in the ass spreads […]

Chests, Nuts Roasting By An Open Fire

If this weekend’s cold snap wasn’t enough to get you in the mood for a roaring fire, we don’t know what it’s going to take. Perhaps the promise of a sleek new fire pit will seal the deal. And Solo Stove’s every bit as fabulous as you’ve likely heard. We’d been hanging out with our friends in their backyard with […]