Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Going Downhill Fast?

This might be the most perfect ski season in history for anyone who enjoys hitting the slopes (or only taking part in the grand tradition of aprés ski if you’re like us). Skiing is the ultimate social distancing sport, it requires gloves, and a face mask will only keep you that much warmer. And speaking of regulating your body temperature, […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Autumn is officially in the air. But that doesn’t mean it can’t smell like summer inside your house. Get out the matches and light the wick for a new collection of candles from Dirty Bartender. It’s a collaboration between the candlemakers and DIFFA/Dallas, which comes at a great time since we all really missed having the annual House of DIFFA […]

Rubber? We Hardly Know Her!

It’s hard to believe that in 2020 people are still embarrassed to purchase condoms. Especially anyone requiring extra-large ones. We’d demand a price check at CVS every time we went to the register if that were the case. But we digress. Some people are still shy about their prophylactic purchases, while others simply don’t want to pay for them. Whichever […]

Grip. Tip. Sip. Yippee!

Ask any of our neighbors and they’ll confirm our commitment to the environment. At least thrice per week they hear the lovely sound of us dumping our empty wine bottles and boozy seltzer cans into the recycling bin. Music to everyone’s ears! Not only is it clear we care about Mamacita Tierra, we also love our booze. (And apparently, we’re […]

Love Your Nuts

If you’ve ever been a part of the elite group of people who’ve savored a mouthful of warm, salty nuts on an airplane, welcome to the Mile High Club — of First-Class passengers. Indeed, one of our favorite things on the rare occasions we’ve been upgraded to Business or First on an American Airlines flight is the prompt delivery of […]

Mask-Up Monday

How many masks do you have now? If you’re like us, that number has climbed to at least a dozen or two different styles, shapes, colors and fabrics to suit nearly any occasion. We’ve been given many different types of masks from both friends and manufacturers, so when we come across any we really like, we’re going to share them […]

Sneak Peek: Fun For Your Ears

It might be a dreary day outside, but we’ve got an immediate pick-me-up for you right here on this pretty little digital page. The first single from Bright Light Bright Light and Caveboy’s Fun City album has hit the interwebs and we’ve been playing it on repeat ever since our first listen. “It’s Alright, It’s OK” is a joyous song […]

They Give Great Aural

Run out of stuff to watch on Netflix? Perfect timing! Here’s something to listen to while you stay six feet away from everyone else. BFFU: Best Friends Forever University launched last Wednesday and a brand-new episode’s out today for your listening pleasure. Hosted by Dallas-based Brad Pritchett (above, right) and Los Angeles-based Ryan Brockington (above, left), the hilarious YEA Networks podcast […]

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Scar

Since March, we’ve aged. A lot. We’ve gone from hip creeper to crypt creeper seemingly overnight. You’d think all the quarantine weight gain would’ve smoothed out our fine lines and wrinkles, but somehow that hasn’t been the case. We blame the stress of all things 2020, but we’re not going to take it lying down. Well, actually we are, but […]

Dwell, well, well

Designer goods at discount prices? That concept’s not just for Marshall’s and Ross Dress For Less any more. For the 10th year, Dwell with Dignity brings its Thrift Studio pop-up store to Dallas, giving us the opportunity to snag furniture, housewares, accessories and high-end designer finds on the cheap—all while helping a great organization. Dwell with Dignity’s mission is to […]