Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Beach Read: Say Gunkle!

Of all the things we’ve been called over the years, Gunkle has to be one of our favorites. Another “honorary niece” has taken it one step further, calling us her Gay Drunkles. We’re proud to answer to either title, which both remind us how great it is to have kids that only come visit for a couple of hours at […]

Melton Our Hearts

OK, we’re ready to schedule a cocktail party. Or a Delta-8 edible party. Or hell, even a sit-in-the-corner-and-snap-your-fingers party. Anything laidback that will let the music be the focus. What’s our motivation? The new Will Made Manifest album from gay artist James Austin Melton. The artist himself pitched us recently to see if we’d be interested in featuring his music […]

Hair There & Everywhere

We let our body go to hell this past year. Covid was an easy excuse, but the truth is we simply enjoyed being lazy and eating whatever we wanted, assuming nobody would see us naked for a very long time. Well, now we’re finally back at the gym and things are starting to look a little better with our clothes […]

Road Trip Life Lessons

Technology has definitely made road trips tolerable. We used to hate the idea of sitting in a car for hours on end, but thanks to satellite radio, mobile hot spots and podcasts, we can pass the time productively whether we’re a driver or passenger. For longer trips, podcasts keep us the most engaged while behind the steering wheel. Usually, we’re […]

How To Make Your Cooler Cooler

The only thing we enjoy more than a pair of pricks is a prickly pair.  Oops, prickly pear.  Add booze into the equation and you might not see us again until winter. Of course, by now you know where this whole setup is heading. Texas-based Lone River Ranch Water recently added a new flavor (Prickly Pear) to their lineup that […]

When Kermie Met Babsy

Remember yesterday when we said like we felt like phoning it in? We were only kidding. TODAY we’re phoning it in! Hint: It’s all part of a major release coming in August. Please pray they make a video. Happy Almost-Weekend from us, Kermit the Frog (the original!) and Barbra Streisand (also the original!)

Things Are About To Get Steamy

On our short list of dream jobs (right behind vodka taster, Betty White’s pool boy, and amateur proctologist), a full-time career in the Bathhouse Arts ranks pretty close to the top. Day-in, day-out of going to work with dozens of naked men sounds so much better than sitting in a cubicle or digging a ditch. Yet as with most things […]

Tailory Made

Get ready to suit up for fall. (We can’t even fathom wearing one in summer.) The Tailory New York comes to town this week for a four-day pop-up fashion event at Virgin Hotels Dallas. Make an appointment (required) for a time slot this Wednesday through Saturday and create a bespoke suit from your choice of fabrics, lining and button details, […]

Isn’t This App Romantic?

The library is open. Well, at least the digital one. Slash aims to bring LGBTQ+ literature front and center with its massive library of BL and GL stories. And because we’re old, we had to reach out and ask what BL and GL stories. Turns out, that’s the new slang for Boy Love and Girl Love stories. But you’ll find […]

Papi, Do Preach

Don’t let that serious face fool you. John Paul Brammer’s one funny guy. His advice column, ┬íHola Papi!, got its start on Grindr’s digital magazine, INTO, back in 2017. He pitched it as “Queer Latinx Dear Abby Huffing Poppers” and the rest is history. Today, his column’s been adapted into a hilarious and sometimes poignant memoir of the same name. […]