Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Promos For Homos

Put Your Best Foot Forward We always say “When the going gets tough, the tough goes shoe shopping.” And with over 2,200 popular styles discounted more than 25% off retail – and free UPS shipping to boot – Shoebacca helps us get our fix without wrecking our budget. Use the promo code “FIERCE” for an additional 15% off your entire […]

On The Radio

We’d like to believe that most songs on the radio are about us, or at least dedicated to our unblemished legacy. Even Carly Simon has written a song about our well-known qualities. However, our legions of admirers had no true forum to express their musical love for us until the Fauxshow came along. Based in the UK, the Fauxshow has […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

“Who” will everyone in Dallas be wearing this awards season? If we have our way, it’ll be original Oscar Fierro. The new Dallas boutique opens tomorrow, but we got a sneak preview and his new menswear collection is sure to become a blockbuster. Sexy designs and wonderful fabrics have fashionably fornicated and created some truly remarkable offspring. For now, his […]

We Like BOYHs

Though not widely known, cultural archaeologists have discovered that a renowned queen of the gays once said, “Music brings the people together.” Bring Out Your Happy seems to agree. The Miami-based fashion label sells more than just cute graphic-design tees and underwear; they sell a musical experience. When a customer buys a shirt emblazoned with an original BOYH character, they […]

We’re Here, We’re Queer, We Need Beer

Need a little supplementary income? Turn that spare bedroom, large walk-in closet, or backyard patio into a happenin’ neighborhood gay bar. Throw a disco ball on the ceiling fan, spray some vinegar around the room for that authentic gay-bar smell and invite your drunkest friends over to make fun of everyone else who walks through the door. It’s that simple! […]

Rock Out With Your Oct Out

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, it’s fast becoming a two-weekend holiday. And that’s fine with us, because we still have that Sam’s Club twelve-pack of glittery fake eyelashes leftover from Pride. Or if Halloween’s not your thing (in which case, you’re dead to us), October is still a great month to enjoy cooler patio weather, the changing […]

Bigger Tiskets, Larger Taskets

Just as Imelda Marcos became infamous for her expansive shoe collection, we plan to help you reach the same spectacular heights of notoriety with your underwear drawer. That’s why we’re always giving you the 411 on the latest lines of boxers, briefs and everything underneath – because we care. Yes, we care enough to spend hours and hours ogling guys […]

Top Of The Lineup

Oh, TV, welcome back from summer vacay. How we love you. Let us count the ways… Rock Solid 30 Rock How is it a comedy as riotously funny as 30 Rock doesn’t have droves of adoring fans? GLDers, unite! We cannot allow this gem to go the way of Arrested Development. Think Tina Fey strikes comic gold portraying that idiot […]

Express Yourself

Sure, Al Gore invented the internet, like, thirty years ago, and Express is a little late to the party, but don’t hold that against them. The re-launch of their website, now with e-commerce functionality, is a dirty martini in a land full of trash can punch. Everything flows together: the copy, the images, the navigation. The site even remembers what […]

We Don’t Need Another Gyro

If you want to take a trip to the sun-soaked hills of Greece, you can buy a $1,200 ticket to Athens (plus $100 to transfer all your toga-filled luggage). Or you can discover a little bit of Greece right here in Dallas. Stratos is not just home to some really hot Greek waiters, but some of the best Mediterranean dishes […]