Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

A Gay Man Walks Into A Bar

Sometimes, technology makes ordinary tasks more difficult than they were the “old fashioned” way. Take our all-time favorite useless products: The EZ Cracker; a $150 paper towel dispenser; or, because who hasn’t gotten exhausted rolling meatballs, this thing. Yet sometimes, something comes along that truly makes life easier. That’s where the new Tabbed Out app comes in. It’s a drunk’s […]

N2 Undrwr?

When companies known for one thing start selling something else, it can often be a disaster. Like McDonald’s attempting to sell pizza. The spectacular foray of Coors into the bottled water market. Or Dr. Laura trying to sell the idea that she’s not a racist, bigoted, ugly cow of a bitch. Then there are companies that produce new products that […]

Jack Of All Gays

1971. A year that would forever change the way gays dressed. They just didn’t know it yet. From the sexiest underwear to the latest jeans, Union Jack on Cedar Springs has been the go-to place for men’s fashion for 39 years. And now, they’re ready to celebrate. After all, when they turn 40, we’re likely to see Union Jack driving […]

Taint Misbehavin’?

It’s summer, when a boy’s mind turns to hairlessness. Or less-hairness. Depends on whether you want to go completely bare or just cleaned up for Sunday Funday at the pool. After all, unless you’re a bear, most gays prefer a little less hair on their bodies than God gave them. Count us among those who’ve cursed our slight hairiness since […]

What A Delicious Threesome

The more the merrier, that’s what we always say. Whether it’s dollar bills in our g-strings, shots in our margaritas or underwear models in our hot tub, the higher the number, the bigger the smile on our face. And that goes triple when dining out. Why should we settle for a single course meal when we could get three courses […]

Fit For A McQueen

Visionary. The definition of fashion. Misunderstood. Brilliant. But enough about us. The late, great Alexander McQueen was an undisputed icon and our eyes would still be filled with tears over the world's loss if we had missed our placenta injection appointment. Those left in charge of the celebrated fashion house have decided the world is ready for McQueen's final non-runway […]

We’ll Take A Window Seat

We want to send your taste buds on a vacation across the Atlantic for our Brunch of the Month selection because if you’re like us, there aren’t going to be any big fancy trips this summer. It has nothing to do with bad finances, either. We’re just still scared of volcanic ash. Call it post-traumatic Dante’s Peak. Anyway, we were […]

How Sweat It Is

In a perfect world, there would be no clothes. And dare we say, no nudity, either. Because to us, a chiseled guy in a hot pair of underwear is even more exciting than having him parade around fully exposed. A good pair of underwear leaves everything, and nothing, to the imagination all at the same time. Of course, for that […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Sandwich

We’re gonna scream if we have to choke down another five-dollar foot-long (though they do make us crave sandwiches)! So how excited were we to discover a new type of Afternoon Delight that actually includes a fresh-made sandwich. And soup! And iced tea! At Beyond the Box at ilume, we think we’ve found the ultimate, healthy lunch special. The combo’s […]

Strip ‘N Clip

Free underwear. That’s quite possibly the most popular phrase in the English language to a gay man. Well, maybe second only to “free cocktails” or “Ann Coulter Public Hanging, 2:00 p.m.” There’s a sexy new underwear brand on the U.S. scene called 2wink Australia. And they want to send you a free pair of their super-hot skivvies. But you have […]