Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Phone In Your Next Vacation

Can you even remember what it was like traveling without a camera in your hands 24/7? We personally have vague memories of vacationing while lugging around both a still camera and video camera to capture anything to commemorate our most recent travel adventure. Half the time we missed a shot entirely by the time we got a camera out of […]

Our New Mask Mandate

Because we’re part of Team Science (and rarely find anything worthwhile exiting the mouth of our anti-gay governor), we will continue to mask in public to help protect others and prevent the spread of COVID-19. So our year-long hunt for the perfect mask continues. And we think we’ve found another superb contender for our short list of favorites: HMNKIND. At […]

The Thirstiest Of Traps

If ever we needed motivation to get ready for beach season, it’s now. After spending a year sitting on our sofas watching hours of TV a day and keeping our gym membership on hold until we’re vaccinated, our bodies have paid the ultimate price. But when we started browsing through photographer Michael Craft‘s new e-book, Thirst Trap, we suddenly felt […]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (& Business)

It’s starting to smell like penis in here. Sorry, Charles Dickens. This may be the best first line of a book ever. And it perfectly sets the scene for the raw, often hilarious look at the history of queer gathering places from the 1770s to present day in Gay Bar: Why We Went Out by Jeremy Atherton Lin. The new […]

Love, Delivered.

Stupid Cupid. Why do we let a flying baby dictate when we show our love? But here we are again: Valentine’s Day arrives in less than a week and the scramble to find a meaningful gift along with it. Thankfully, DIFFA Dallas has made it easier than ever to find a delightful gift that you and your sweetheart can enjoy […]

Victory Is His

Get ready for some ear candy. Then fasten your seat belt because the eye candy’s even better. Out singer, heartthrob and all-around awesome guy Davis Mallory continues to have tremendous musical success after first gaining a following for his time on MTV’s Real World. He’s back on the world stage this week with his sophomore album, Little Victory, a deeply […]

Are You Speaking Loud & Queer?

Do you get 10s, 10s, 10s across the board when you kiki with a leather daddy, Abigail? If you didn’t understand every LGBTQ reference in the sentence above, have we got the book for you. Out today, The Queen’s English: The LGBTQIA+ Dictionary of Lingo and Colloquial Phrases presents a colorful, comprehensive guide to the language of our people. All […]

Let’s Get Down To Fizzness

We know we’re not the only ones who’ve turned to experimentation in the kitchen during the Covid-19 outbreak. And no, we’re not talking about sex on the floor in front of the oven while our sourdough rises. (Never again.) We’re talking instead about going deep into the refrigerator to see how many different things we can carbonate. As it turns […]

Money Talks

As the old American Express slogan goes, “Membership has its privileges.” And that saying’s perfectly appropriate when describing Pride Wealth Club, a new members-only club offering financial education to the LGBTQ community and its allies. With a new year ahead, it’s always a primo time to start thinking about getting finances in order and this service gives members the opportunity […]

Give Peace A Swig

We started our Dry January journey on the 4th. And, as you can imagine, by January 6 we went through half a bottle of Tito’s while fixated on the news unfolding in Washington, DC. When the dust settled a bit on Thursday, however, we decided to open up a box of hemp-extract products we were sent from AMMA Healing. Founded […]