Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Must Have: Our Favorite Things

Onward Christian Bulges

The only thing we look forward to more than Santa Claus coming to town is Andrew Christian. Instead of a sack full of toys, he brings boys with full pouches. So in celebration of his upcoming visit to Dallas, we caught up with the legendary underwear designer on his new products and how hard it is to have a job […]

Pining For Chris

When it comes to getting our sci-fi geek on, we only have two requirements: skin-tight, quasi-futuristic costumes with great boots, and a hot leading man. Thankfully, the Star Trek reboot from J.J. Abrams has both. And let us tell you right now, Chris Pine as Captain Kirk just makes our Tribbles tremble. Yeah, we’ll take you boldly where you’ve never […]

Christian Nation

Our parents like to remind us – often in front of extended family – that they knew we swished for the gays the moment we begged our brothers and sisters to reenact scenes from the 80’s film Mannequin. “And they would insist that they got to play Kim Catrall’s character,” our folks often add, their intonation following the roll of […]

Do You Know The Muffin, Man?

When we grow up, we want to be underwear designers. Not only do we have some innovative boxer-brief ideas, but we’re willing to sacrifice our home lives for the long hours at work it will require to help all those young (presumably starving) underwear models learn the ins-and-outs of the fashion world, while they parade around the office wearing our […]

Consumption Junction

Taking a page right out of the book of Shirley MacLaine, we’d like to be reincarnated as a Roman Emperor. Not only do we have legs to pull off a toga, we are totally sold on a life of gluttony filled with orgies, copious amounts of wine and, of course, a vomitorium! In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for […]

Face The Truth

We’ve always wanted to be more like Madonna. In the late ‘80s, we got kicked out of Catechism for wearing lace gloves and an old wedding dress while learning the Stations of the Cross. In the ’90s, we single-handedly popularized the cone-bra look at our after-school job sacking groceries. And God knows we could knit a king-size bedspread out of […]

We Can’t Think Straight…

There’s a new thinking cap for those who are sometimes accused of making decisions with different heads. Yes, we prefer the goods to be on full, proud display, but sometimes underwear is Clever. The newest line of Clever skivvies takes advantage of the kinds of colorful graphics typically seen on tweens’ MySpace profiles or graphic tees that stock the shelves […]

Smells Like Social Outings

Sure, maybe the pollen and pollutants have plugged your sinuses so full that you look more bug-eyed than Star Jones eating a habanero. But even with a broke-down smeller, a true gay can sniff out even a hint of a fab party in the soon-to-be spring air. So break out your Hermès Neti Pot, double up on the Claritin, throw […]

Well Spa De Dah

Okay, quick poll: who likes a back rub? See, it’s unanimous. Maybe that question should have been part of the stimulus package negotiations. It would have sailed through bipartisan approval. We are total massage junkies. In fact, we would back it up to a homeless man on the street as long as he could promise to work the knots out. […]

The Shows Must Go On

This week’s adventures read just like someone picked the lock on our diary. The first few pages are the doodles of us signing “Rick Springfield 4 Ever” in puffy cursive letters over and over. Then there’s the rough draft of the lesbian love scene we wrote for 9 to 5, wherein Lily Tomlin’s Violet Newstead seduces Dolly Parton’s Doralee Rhodes […]